Wednesday, October 20, 2010


how are you?
today is 20102010...
for the first time, i'm bored!!!
i need to find a new hobby or maybe a new job?
i miss my sister so bad!!!
please 17th November, hurry up! so that my sister can be with me at home :')

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Our Story

how are you?
for a week, i spent my time writing story about Nasa and I. finally i've finished writing it today..HOORAY!!!!!!!!
it's a good way to write when you are depressed.
i may seems like cool about this whole break up thing but I'm human..specifically's harder for me as i'm the one who started and finished it.
anyway, we are friends and cool with it now.
it's actually better that way as we always been the best of friends.
-THE END-is actually just the beginning :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The End is Just the Beginning

hi! how are you?
the first picture is my housemates, A208 while the second picture is my classmates, LAW C. if you look closely to the second picture, you will see my lecturers name as well!
each and everyone of them have their own stories to tell. we spent our last semester as the pre-law students together under one institution-UiTM Kuantan.
a series of drama or conflicts involves around friendship, love, money, family, study and others makes a journey for me as a pre-law student a memorable ones.
I'm going to miss you guys!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

today is 5th October

Dear ifkar,
you've been a good friend of mine and like a family to me...

you are the only one i call to chase away all my problems for awhile by just listening to your voice...

you are the one i spent my 5 years in high school bullying a big guy :P

you are the one who never stop pushing me to live to my best potential...

you never failed to put a smile on everyone around you...

you are my entertainer...

i'm never hide myself around you

you taught me to be honest even if the truth hurts (OUCH!)

so, to my beloved lil bro, IFKAR AZMI IBRAHIM

Happy birthday :)



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