Saturday, September 17, 2011

Just Smile because the Pain will Eventually Go Away

hi! how are you?
as for me, not so good as the week started with a bleeding toenail :(
how on Earth did i get that?
one of the sliding door on my wardrobes slipped and fell on my poor feet. that's how severe it is as the sliding door is heavy(as claimed by my dad)
eventually i had to remove the nail..fret not as i've been given anesthetic and my toe was bandaged for the whole week until today.

now, my toe is bandage-free as the bleeding had stopped.
I just had to make sure NOBODY step on it or it will take longer time to heal...
i can tell that people around me are worried about my toe and i'm touched with their moral support. i know i will be walking around with naked toenail for quite some times now so i just have to be strong and faced it. now i'm glad i didn't take sports as my co-curricular activities :p

first week in second semester was fun as i was given responsibility to drive to class! YAHOO! first week of class is fun and let's hope the feeling is mutual throughout the semester :)
one more thing, i love scaring people with my broken toe's story, it gives me something to laugh about whenever i see their scared faces :p and i'm happy because it shows that they care :)


Monday, September 5, 2011

Wrap Up

Assalammualaikum. hi! how are you?
second semester will start next week and enjoy the last bit of 4 months holiday!

i've been busy with reading, watching movies, trying new things such as balloon sculpturing :D and tick off all my To-Do list for the holiday~

It was AWESOME as i only got bored for two days out of 4 months of holiday :p


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Five Days of Raya

Assalammualaikum.hi! how are you?
i guess it's not too late to wish all of you Selamat Hari Raya :D

this year, my family and i went back to my dad's hometown, Kelantan and return home on the third day of raya :) we got to play bunga api with our niece, Ayuni :D
on the first day of raya, we stay at home and serve the guest in the afternoon and went raya at Mok Muda, Mok Ngah and Mek Mas place where we met again Awe Bodo, a talking bird!

on the second day of raya, we went raya at Ayah Ipin's&Mok Teh's house at Kubang Kerian where i play with cute Zhafran(his picture is my fb's default picture!);D 
Young Ayah Ipin when he was in Navy
on the third, we went back home with Mok. luckily we did not have to face traffic jam along the way :) we dropped Mok at Mak Ngah's house in Klang before headed home and celebrated Adik's birthday at Pappa Rich!
the next day, Kak Ida and her family(Abang Syukri, Aiman, Wafa and Sarah) dropped by at our house together with Mok. I tought Aiman how to make an origami rabbit! later that day, Mok taught me how to make an origami blow box! 
on the fifth Syawal, my sister and I held an Open House and invited our friends. even though only 6 of them altogether turn up at the open house, it was fun as we talked non-stop (especially among my friends!) it's a coincidence we wear the same colour :p
from left; Roslihaizad, Nazmi, Me& Lyn



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