Friday, August 19, 2011

Second BIG thing in Music Industry

Super Junior
hi! how are you?
today i'm going to talk about K-Pop~
fret not as i'm not going to talk about the cuteness of every members of Korean bands :P
let's talk about business. how K-Pop take over the world with their music?

no matter where you are you cannot deny that K-Pop sensation is everywhere even on your regular local radio station or television. the K-Pop waves is phenomenal and thanks to the power of the INTERNET. most K-Pop fans started to listen to K-Pop on the Net. charting as Second music sensation in the world after America, it is truly amazing :) so how it all started?

65% like K-Pop because of the SONG.
every band has different genre of songs and with only 3 main agency(SM, JYP&YG) to decide which songs to be sang by which group. it is a meticulous process which provide jobs for many people. the song must suit the band personality to ensure success. there's a HOOK(repeated chorus) in every song to get the listener hooked up!

22% like K-Pop because of the DANCE. the chereographer of each band is responsible for creating dance routines that blend well with the songs. the K-Pop dance is also not so difficult to follow thus the enjoyment of the song is added with the fans ability to dance to the music :D

13% like K-Pop because of the VISUAL APPEARENCE which include fashion. the music video and the photoshooting sessions was taken seriously by the agency because this is where the image of the band was potrayed.

K-Pop not only promoting their music but the Korean culture as well such as Korean language and taekwando to the world. K-Pop is making waves in the world's music industry without sacrificing their culture richness and it is something that should be proud of.

I'm no K-Pop fan, i just happen to watched KBS Special on KBS World, today and summarize from what i've saw :D

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