Tuesday, May 28, 2013


hi! how are you?
it's my friend's birthday today!


he is the loud person with a big heart 
one of a kind 
a good friend
he is one of the guy whom i can trust and be honest to
and his mom cooks great green curry chicken :d

have a great birthday, pejal :)
May Allah bless you and your family always.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

For the AWESOME Woman in the Family

Mama, Mak, Emak, Ibu, Umi, Mummy, Mom, Mother, Amma, Ahm, Maman, Ma, Okaasan, Omoni etc.
it doesn't matter what you call her. she is the person:-
who brought you into existence,
who cares for you day and night,
who believe in you,
who fights for you,
who raise you to become a good, well-mannered person,
who says "You are beautiful/handsome" and it instantly make you feel good,
who kiss you and all your pain seems to go away,
who offers her arm to hug you on a cold night or when the thunder strikes,
who put you to bed with warm blanket to make sure you don't feel cold at night and get nightmares,
who listens to all your qualms and complains about the world or people around you,
who loves you since the day you were born until eternity.
she is a mother-a person who never stops loving and forgiving her children regardless of what the children do to her. sometimes we forgot how much a person meant to us until he/she is gone. so, i want to take this opportunity to say 'I love you, Mama' to my mom, Noormala Othman.
i may forget to call you sometimes in a day,
i may forget to tell you how much you meant to me,
sometimes i get too stubborn and don't want to listen to you,
i may have disappointed you in the past and maybe in the future.
I am sorry :(
but one thing for sure, no one can be my Mama except you.
i remember when you patiently attends to my needs when i was little,
i remember when you work hard day and night to give the best for Adik and I,
i remember when you fight for me,
i remember when you suggest me to took up law instead of engineering after my SPM result is out,
i remember you lift my spirits up whenever i'm down and
i remember your words of advice when i am misbehaved.
i am thankful to have you as my Mama
i am your proud but jealous daughter when people compliment your youthful looks

Happy Mama's Day

 p/s: Happy Mother's Day to all mothers in this world. you guys are AWESOME and will always be the Queen of your children's heart


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