Monday, October 26, 2009

Family or Friends for Weekend?

i got BOTH for last weekend :)

on Saturday, i got a chance to meet my old buddy-Sarah Ailis Ahmad Rashdi at her house in Ampang. we spent hours talking and sharing stories. we haven't met for 5 months to be exact. so many stories to catch up with and we had a great time especially when Nasa called. lol

my phone battery alert-1 bar left!

in the evening,i went to Aiza's house and meet my housemates-Ika,Dora,Ras,Julia and Aiza(of course!) Ika dropped me at Subang Parade and i asked mama to fetch me from there. the moment i stepped into Subang Parade,mama called but i couldn't answer the phone-thanks to the dead battery. i went to the public phone and called mama. the voice-mail answered my call instead of mama. I'm dead-meat. with the financial crisis I'm facing, i ran to my cousin who works at Elianto. luckily she was there. Kak Yong lend me her phone to call mama and we reached home at 7.15pm and Abah is not mad at me. Alhamdulillah.... and thanks a lot Kak Yong.

on Sunday, Abah gave me a chance to choose for a family day-trip holiday in Malaysia. I've listed down which places in KL, Selangor, Pahang, Malacca, Johore, Negeri Sembilan and Perak that we never been to yesterday. on Sunday morning, abah shortlisted two places for us to go (as he will be driving us there) it's between
a) Fraser's Hill in Pahang
b) Melawati Hill in Selangor

i choose....Fraser's Hill in Pahang. after having breakfast, we headed to Fraser's Hill. it took us two and a half hours to reached there. we went jungle tracking at Hemmant Trail. it took us about 20 minutes to finished the trail. then, it started raining. we ran searching for shelter where we end up going back into Hemmant Trail. we had our lunch there. we leave Fraser's Hill at 4 pm and arrived home at 8 pm as we went to Carrefour Subang Jaya and had dinner. 

Thursday, October 15, 2009

How to Survive Blackout at 11am-4pm(Azureen's style)

yesterday, my neighbourhood experienced electricity blackout! instead of grumbling, i've decided to make a plan.

1. Open all windows and doors and switch off the plugs.
it's for air ventilation and safety :)

2. Do house chores
that's the first thing i do yesterday. i mopped the floor, clean up my bathroom, dusting and wash my cats' place.

3. Take a nap
it is the best 30-minutes nap i ever had!

4. Take a bath
helps you to cool down in a hot day!

5. Drive in the neighbourhood
i fetched my sister from school and drive in the neighbourhood before going back home.

6. Listen to MP3
take your mind off the problem.

7. Have a 'ME' time
thinking about the past, present and future life!

8. Play with cats
get busy playing with them.

so, blackout is not a big problem for me now. it keeps me technology repelled for few hours!



i drew this picture on 13/10/2009. 1407 is my house in UiTM Kuantan and the girls in the picture are my housemates and my best friends :)
the first semester had been a blast with these girls. who would have thought that we can be sisters in a short time-6 months!
so, i dedicated this drawing to them. thanks for everything!
i love you:-

Saturday, October 10, 2009

10kg for First Semester

once i used to be paranoid of the scaling machine but not anymore!!!!!!!!!!
hahahaha...(laugh with pride)

before i enter UiTM Pahang, Kuantan Campus. my BMI(body mass index) indicated that i'm overweight...OVERWEIGHT??? get real, Zureen!

i got to do something, i told myself. i can't be overweight (well not now at least)maybe after i got married or pregnant i might be overweight but that's a different story...


1. walk
i enjoy walking but i also enjoy walking fast. choose walk instead of taking the wheels whenever possible.
2. eat in a small portion
share your meal with your friends.
3. laugh
i don't know how this technique usually works but it sure chase the stress away!
4. eat breakfast
the most important meal of the day!
5. play
exercise, jogging, etc. to make sure your body moves and sweat!

well,now i'm in my ideal BMI and i'm only need to maintain it.
my mom used to tell me that,
"as long as your weight is an ideal weight, you are healty and that's more important than being thin and suffers."

remember to love your body as it can never be replaced :)


Friday, October 9, 2009

Driving a Car is a Heavy Responsibility

"Driving a car is not about getting attention from friends. Neither about style nor for fun. It is a responsibility. A big responsibility"

that quote was taken from my dad's list of advice. i totally agree with you, abah!
fyi i might seem like i paid no attention to what you've said but actually i did :P

final semester break just started. my dad's challenge (or should i say opportunity) for me is to drive my mom's Suzuki SX4 around the neighbourhood everyday!!! did i mention that i got to drive it alone? Double the Joy!!!

today i fetched my sister from school. it took me 15 minutes to drive to her school. after that, we went for lunch. despite the joy of driving alone, my parking skill is bad. it took me 10 minutes to park the car!

well, driving a car is fun but we need to stay alert at all times. i still have 5 weeks to hone up my driving skills!


My First Blog

how are you?

today i've decided to start blogging...

i'm azureen



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