Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I didn't mean to write about virus Y2K which is the millennium bug that used to be feared by millions before the coming of year 2000. y2k is the initial for one of my best friends in Kuantan, NUR LIYANA ZAINAL KARIB.
on 27Th January, she's turning 19!
we (1107) celebrated her birthday and eat birthday cake at midnight!
hahaha...talking about midnight snacking!
Happy Birthday and get well soon, Yana!
I love you!
p/s: age is just a number :P

Friday, January 22, 2010

From A to Z

Rules: once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 10 people to be tag.

25 random things about me :

1. Azureen. I like my name :)

2. Blur. That's what my friends refer me.

3. Calcium. Got Milk?

4. Drama. My life is full of drama.

5. Exam. Can't live with it, can't live without it :I

6. Family. Love them so much!

7. Green. My favourite colour especially Lime Green.

8. Home. Will and always be Malaysia.

9. Icq. Fun way to meet new friends.

10 . Jack Jack. My favourite cat...

11. Kuantan. My second home :)

12. Law. My current passion.

13. Myspace. I enjoy uploading many pictures at one time on this site.

14. Now or Never. An inspirational song by HSM3

15. Ooo...indicates that I understand or I don't get you at all.

16. Phone. Trying my best to reduce the bills :P

17. Quotes.Motivation injection to myself.

18. Ricoh. My camera :)

19. Sorry. Overly used words.

20. Toys. Still love to collect them:)

21. University. A road to discover thyself.

22. Video Game. Can become addiction.

23. Wii. My dream game console.

24. Young at heart :p

25. ZAZ is my initial

Who i like to tag???
1. Yana
2. Mira
3. Nasa
4. Aiza
5. Becka
6. B-First
7. Nabilah Manut
8. E-an
9. Rashid

White Rose v Strawberry Keychain

how are you?

last Thursday i went back to my hometown with Yana, Fanie and Ayie. before the bus departs, i received white rose from my forgiveness seekers. i was so touched as i never received any roses before. thanks cypher :)

on Saturday, i hang out at Times Square with Mira, Yana, Fanie, Ayie, Alif, Anis and Strawberry Keychain aka Maggie before Maggie and i decided to hang out together as the last time we see each other was on the SPM 2008 results day. i miss walking home with you :') as there's always something to talk about.

both of them portray the same traits and i just realized it with the help from Mira, my first friend who sleepover at my house :)

like what i told Yana that night:

strawberry keychain is a history
white rose is the present
Who is the future?
Wallahualam...I leave it all in Allah's hand.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

First Time Around

how are you?
on 11th January i got my MUET results.
let's hear the story behind it...
i called my best friend, Sarah as it's midnight and it's her 19th birthday.
the first person to scream (and i mean literally) is Wanie! she got Band 4.
then all of us grabbed our phone and type MUET IC no. and send to 36363...
that night was not as dull as the night before!
i waited for my result until 2am. i admit that i am nervous because as i listen to songs on my phone, my heart was thumping hard. i woke up after Dora came into the room and told us about her result. i checked my phone and saw the message from MUET (fyi i saved the number under MUET)
the result: Band 4
Alhamdulillah...i am happy as now my focus would be on my pointer in order to continue Bachelor in Legal Studies at UiTM Shah Alam :) Insya-Allah...
to all my friends: well done and good luck for your second time MUET!


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