Tuesday, March 30, 2010

First and Last Entry for March!

How are you?
It's been a wild ride in March...
From tackling final exam to landing myself a job!
The first week of semester break, my mom's Suzuki SX4 has been my best friend. we go for a ride to Sunway Pyramid+Carefour Subang+Subang Parade+Giant Stadium Shah Alam+Bukit Jelutong!
On the 14Th, 15Th, 16Th,26Th and 27Th March, these people celebrated their birthday: Naquiah, Dahlia, Mr Zainalkefli, Junie and Rabieka :)
Okay, so I got a job as kitchen helper at Secret Recipe but I'm working just for a month. For the rest of the holiday, I shall make my semester break plan a REALITY :)


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