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Pupillage 101-Borang 1 & 2


Hi! how are you?
it's been a while since my last post. i did try to update during my trip to Miri once but something when wrong and it remained in the draft *sigh*

Back to the story...
The reason why I am writing this post is because of Azilia Zahara, well...I actually thought about blogging about it before she asked me too but i am too lazy or busy to do it :p

So it begins~
On the 9th April, I got a place in a firm as a pupil or most people called it chambering student or chambie for short. However, I only file my Borang 1 and 2 a week later (fyi, you can file the two forms immediately after you got a place in the firm)

I set my journey early on the 16th April to High Court of Malaya in Jalan Duta. It's near MATRADE building and the landmark before you reached there is a Mosque. The visitor's parking is FREE and please come as early as you can.

First things first, make sure you got the documents ready and wear black and white suit. you can get the forms from Bar Council for RM 5.30. Make extra copies of the forms just in case you make a mistake. Fill in the forms using BLACK INK GEL PEN and the guidelines in filing those forms can be see here
Thank you, Penang Bar Committee :)

make sure you have Certified True Copies (CTC) by either Advocate & Solicitor (besides your Master) or Senior Assistant Registrar for these documents:-
  1. NRIC
  2. Birth Certificates
  3. Release Letter from University (because I did my chamber before convocation day, not sure if the document still applicable after convo, please check with respective State Bar)
and you need your Master's profile which you can print out from Malaysian Bar here
type in your Master's name, click it and print. this one no need for CTC.

as for your Affidavit Borang 1, you can either stamped with the Commissioner of Oath beforehand or you can get it stamped at the Commissioner of Oath at the court for RM 4. the Commissioner of Oath counter is at the left wing from the entrance, together with Kaunter Bayaran. the layout of the court is here (in case you got lost and everybody is too busy to entertain you or do not understand what are you searching for) Thank you Selangor Bar :)

moving on with the story at the court...

First thing first, get Service Bureau form from any counter at e-filing counter at the right wing of the entrance and fill it in while you go to check your documents at Rayuan Kuasa-Kuasa Khas (RKKK) counter situated above Commissioner of Oath's counter, just use the fancy stairs nearby. the counter lady/guy will check whether your documents are in order or not.

then go back to e-filing counter downstairs, get a number from the machine and wait for your number to be called. then pay RM 50 for Service Bureau at the payment machine, the machine is white in colour and located at the middle of the counters (looks like the number machine except it has money slot)

next, wait for your number to be called for the documents to be scan into the e-filing system.

after that, wait for invoice to get your case number and make payment of RM 192 at Kaunter Bayaran at the left wing from the entrance. take a number,make payment and go back to the same or next invoice counter (Counter 17 or 18) for acknowledgement from the counter lady/guy.

then,head over to RKKK and the counter lady/guy will ask you to fill in particulars like your petition numbers and request you to make thirty-two (32) copies of Borang 2 and four (4) copies of Borang 1 & 2 @.@

use the emergency stairs besides the lift or you can take the lift to basement and make your way to cafeteria (not to eat but to photocopy those documents at the bookstore (p/s: just said you want to photocopy documents for chambering, the shopkeeper will know what to do) cost RM 12) you can eat while waiting~OMNOMNOM

take the documents back to RKKK and the 32 copies will be given to RKKK to be posted at the courts around Malaysia and the 4 copies, you have to served one each to:-
  1. Malaysian Bar Council
  2. Attorney General Chambers at Precint 4, Putrajaya
  3.  State Bar
Remember to get acknowledgement from all three bodies at the back of the original copy of your Borang 1 & 2

once everything is settled, you can make Afidavit Penyampaian  which you can refer to KL Bar Pupillage Guidelines here at page 57. Thank you KL Bar :)

Congratulations, you are officially a chambering student :)



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