Friday, November 20, 2009

Reminisce Old Memories

today i hang out with my primary school's friends
and my secondary school's friends. 
i went to SK Desa Pandan and SMK Aminuddin Baki before furthering my studies in UiTM Kuantan.
just want you to know the chronology!hehehe...

at first i wanted to meet saidah for the last time before she flies to Egypt to further her studies but since i haven't meet Dahlia, Adlin, Junie, Farid and Ridzuan for a long time,so why not we held a mini gathering at KLCC?
besides they know Saidah and it was a simple celebration just to makes Saidah feels special before she leaves Malaysia this Sunday.

the plan was SUCCESS!

i enjoyed meeting my friends and we had fun even though we were just catching up stories and sharing experiences in university.
thanks for coming,guys :)

Norsaidah Abdullah

the young woman in the picture is my best friend,saidah
(well,that's explain the title!)
she's going to further her studies in dentistry at Al-Azhar University in Egypt.
she has been a great friend and sister to me and my sister.
i just want to wish her all the best and i love you,saidah :)
thanks for being my bff!
take care and i'm sure going to miss you...


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

With the Great Power Comes Great Responsibilities

today is the first day of the second semester.
i'm in Group C and fyi i'm the class representative!
the reason why choose Spiderman's quote is because being the class rep in university is harder compared to being a prefect in high school! hahaha :D
anyway i hope i can carry out this duty as well as the previous class rep and professionally.
thanks for believing in me,my fellow classmates :)
let's enjoy our second semester together ^0^

Sunday, November 15, 2009

New Semester,New Hair,New ME?

i can't sleep because today I'm going back to Kuantan.

i just got my haircut yesterday-the usual short hair as i can't survived having a long hair (well maybe not yet!) deal with it!

for second sem i will be staying with my beloved 1407 housemates in 1107 (so should i say 1107 housemates?)hehe...

yesterday i watched The Box starring Cameron Diaz and James Marsden with my family.
it is a story about the Lewis family who received a box in front of their house. they were given a choice whether to push the button or let USD 1 million out of their hand. however, nothing comes free in life as once they push the button, someone they didn't know will die. this shows that the choice we made might affect other people's life. did we choose well?
this movie somehow remind me of my MUET writing paper which discuss about the selfish reason which made people commits crime.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saying Goodbye

tomorrow i will be going back to Kuantan. i want to take this opportunity to savour my final semester holiday's memories

  • my driving skills and parking skills had improved. hooray!!!
  • i learn how to wash car from Abah.
  • i developed new friendship with Rashid, Akmal, Azrin,Khairul etc.
  • i finished reading psychology book entitled Emotional Intelligence.
  • i took my sister from school everyday.
  • i started to like watching Wipeout and Wipeout Australia on AXN.
  • i got a chance to meet my best friends: Sarah & Ruwaida.
  • how i wished i meet Naquiah,Saidah,Junie,Ifkar,Farid and Nazmi too.
  • i know how to video call from Skype. thanks to Ika.
  • i went out with my housemates several times.
  • i called Ika, Dinda and Hanim many times.
  • i gave Dora a ride home after our MUET test.
  • my blog was borned!
  • I'm no longer afraid of the bathroom scales!
  • i learn how to measure tyre pressure.
  • I'm not afraid to show the world how i feel anymore.
  • i love talking to my mom.
  • i love talking to my sister.
  • i enjoy doing laundry.
  • i fought with flu.
  • i maintained my weight.
  • i jogged whenever I'm stress.
  • i smiled at my neighbour.
  • i lodged a report to the management.
  • i took my sister to fast food chain for lunch.
  • i give my cats breakfast and dinner.
  • i wore spectacles.
  • i laughed a lot with my family and friends.
  • i chatted with Nasa's little sister.
  • i enjoy talking to Nasa.
  • i drew 1407 housemates.
  • i made Group C collage.
  • i learned ice-skating.
  • i got new clothes for next semester.
  • i enjoyed road-trip with my family.
that's all for now. I'm sure going to miss my home,my family and my cats. thanks for everything, Abah, Mama and Adik.
P/S I love you...


Final Examination Results

i just got my final exam result.Alhamdulillah i got 3.34 for my GPA.
i'm happy but there's always room for improvement,right?
so bye-bye sem 1 and hello sem 2!

Saturday, November 7, 2009


i just finished my Malaysian University English Test aka MUET today!

i woke up at 6am and drove to SMK Seafield since my mom is in Singapore while my dad is working today. my trip to SMK Seafield was lead by my dad before we gone our separate ways-he took the junction to KL and i took the bridge to Subang Jaya.

i arrived there at 7.27am and parked my car mom's car under the tree. i met again Kak Sarah and chat with her. later on Jue arrived followed by Dora just when we are about to enter the examination hall. i sat next to Jue.

the first test-reading started at 8.06am. the questions are tricky according to my mom since i let her checked my MUET paper. the writing paper is the biggest obstacle for me to handle. T_T the listening paper which was supposed to be a 30-minutes paper turn out to be a 90-minutes paper because of the technical problem caused by the radio and the speaker.

Dora treated me a teh tarik at Bliss and i gave her a ride home. thanks Dora! on the way back home, i dropped by at Giant Shah Alam to fixed lunch for my sister. she wanted to eat McD. i arrived home at 3.15pm and we had lunch together.


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Ice-Skating :)

hi all!
it's been a week since I last updated my blog.
yesterday is one of the best day of my life(despite the fact that I have sore feet!)

I'm looking forward to meet Ifkar and Nazmi at Sunway Pyramid yesterday but they can't make it. huhu...luckily Yda to the rescue! the last time I saw Yda was early last year when she came to SMK Aminuddin Baki to "surprise" me. hehehe....

meet Ruwaida aka Yda

back to the story....while waiting for Yda to come, I walked around Sunway pyramid alone. then I came across shops and started shopping for gifts for my best friends, my sister and I.
at noon,Yda arrived safely at Sunway together with her sister, Ain and her boyfriend, Fadhli. we met at McDonald's. then, we went ice-skating which we got complimentary tickets! we bought gloves and rent the skating shoes. it's my first time to exciting(but nervous at the same time)!
we went into the ice-skating rink. to make things more complicated:none of us can skates! we held each other hands when trying to balance ourselves-Yda with her bf while I'm with Ain. after 2nd round around the rink, I came out with the counting steps on skating. it works! we went around the rink few more times before headed to the arcade as our feet are killing us!

at the arcade game, I didn't plan to play any game but changed my mind as the dance evolution game blow me away with the catchy dancing songs...hahaha...I'm just kidding...I'm danced against Ain in the game and couldn't be bothered that I lost the game to her. I know that I'm not good at dancing...huh
after bid goodbye to them at five, I accompanied mama shopping! she bought me a cardigan to wear for my next semester! after finished meeting her friends, Adik came to us. after that we played air hockey against each other and i won! finally,we headed home :)


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