Friday, June 17, 2011

First Man I Love

hi! how are you?
i'm going to blog about special man in my life.
ladies and gentleman,
meet my dad.

he is a very strict man especially when it comes to education. boy, does he goes easy on us? NO WAY! 
i'm sure he only wants the best for both my sister and i. we don't understand it then but now we do.
he taught us to always have back-up plans. he taught us about security.
besides that, he likes to challenge us into doing things we don't want to do(but we end up doing it anyway!)
like what he did yesterday to me, he asked me to ride a motorcycle. i never ride a motorbike and never intended to ride it on my own as i almost fall when riding it at the age of 10. after few attempts, i manage to ride motorbike smoothly and i feel pretty proud of myself :P hahaha ;D 

i learned a lot from my dad. from his childhood's stories  to the way he controls his cool and care for family :)
i love him and he will always be the first man i love ;D
happy father's day and i love you, Abah!


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  1. laa..x reti bawak motor rupenyer..



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