Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It's not a Class, it's a Show

hi! how are you?
last week is a rushing week as the Finals is just around the corner and A LOT of things need to be done but the most importantly is the Final Performance by Drama Club :p
i admit that i'm not the strongest character and it's pretty hard to be the HAPPY.
it seems funny but the truth is, i usually having hard time in getting into character but finally i managed to pulled it off with the help from them especially my teammates, Bfirst, Sya, Yus, Ima, Api and Fie plus the senior- Arif, Fik etc. and of course, my lecturer, AD and Sir Kamran keep telling me to be the feeling of Happiness instead of be happy as a person..
trust me, you will feel mentally, physically and emotionally drained after acting in absurd theater, EVERY SINGLE TIME!
oh, i almost forgot, special thanks to my family, housemates-fanie, yana, hanim, ika, coursemates-syazwani, yana anuar, lily and my brother,Ifkar for keeping up with my moods and emotions in potraying Miss Happy~

but of course, despite the stress and all, HKB 112 class was AWESOME indeed :)

i meet a lot of people from other faculty
my teammates and i are like family-we tease, laugh&support each other <3
i never realized there's so much talented people out there until i join Drama Club for this semester
and yeah, i'm going to missed everyone :')

18/12/11 was one of the best night of my life :D feels like on top of the world when i can deliver my character to the audience and AD said there's HUGE IMPROVEMENT on my character. (proud moment)
well, it is something i can be proud of despite the fact that i forgot my line while on stage! hahaha ;D
and i'm still coping to get out from the character, PRONTO! so that i can be more serious and focus on my finals ;p
so, i just want to take this opportunity to congratulates all-from reader's theater, shout, choral speakers, dramalogue, fie, absurd and physical team. it's a lifetime experience and good job everybody :)


Dreams-A Dramatic Journey

Dreams is a combination of absurd, shout, physical, monologue and dramalogue performed by HKB112C students together with special performance by residents of Kolej Mawar&Melati.

come and immerse yourself in our world where everything is possible as we are after all are dreamers~

p/s:i'm experiencing post-drama syndrome


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