Wednesday, March 30, 2011


hi! how are you?
i'm physically, mentally and emotionally sick of home.
okay so i come home every weekends but still now i really miss home that i cried while listening to Bruno Mars' Count on Me yesterday. it doesn't make sense as the song is about friendship but i was browsing through my family picture with the song as background music and all of sudden i missed home so much :'(

i miss the warmth hug of my mom
i miss my dad's wise advice and jokes
i miss annoying my little sister(she's 17)
i miss playing with my cats
i want to see the new kittens
lastly, i want to do my laundry at home :P


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Earth Hour

puisi ciptaan penyair Arab,Lubaid sebelum kedatangan Islam
tidaklah kecemerlangan seseorang kecuali bagai percikan api
setelah terang benderang abulah ia menjadi
kebajikan tidak lain adalah kandungan kesolehan
harta tidak lain adalah sejumlah simpanan
harta dan keluarga tidak lain adalah simpanan
tidak boleh tidak suatu ketika simpanan akan dikembalikan
manusia tidak lain adalah dua pekerja
pekerja yang meruntuhkan dan pekerja yang membina
sebahagian mereka ada yang bahagia dan penuh kecukupan
sebahagian yang lain menderita dan dengan penghidupan yang ada mencukupkan
gentarkah kau pada apa yang ditimbulkan masa pada pemuda?
budiman manakah yang tidak pernah tertimpa malapetaka?
p/s: happy birthday junie and go dark on earth hour :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Shortest Month of the Year

hi! how are you?
it's march fast the time flies :P
anyway, it's been awhile since i last updated my blog and i thought i can go home and get plenty of rest every wrong i've been! i did go back home to do my laundry and then go back to campus :P

february has been a roller-coaster ride to me as i play tennis double with fanie :)
try to donate blood for the first time but failed as my blood is lack of iron :'( grrrrrr.......
participate in Extreme Outdoor Quest for H Coy with zati, orked, saiful, PQ, azamin, obami, kiwi, komander atiqah& komander ain...p/s: we got second place!

test! from english, torts and constitutional law :P murder me, harry! i need to get serious now as i play a lot in shah alam compare when i'm in kuantan!

birthday celebration! happy 20th birthday to my dearest friend- Ika and Norliza Sharmin (6/2), ira and tiem (22/2), A.D (23/2) and ras (27/2)



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