Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Hong Kong Adventure

how are you?
before i begin telling my adventure in Hong Kong, i would like to wish Salam Maal Hijrah to all. may this year be better than last year for all of us.

i went to Hong Kong island on Sunday morning. our flight leaves at 6.30am and we woke up at 3.30am! we checked in at AirAsia booth and i thought it will be less people since it's an early flight! how wrong i've been! there was so many people in LCCT that morning. i was nervous as the last time i rode an airplane is in 2004 and that's just a 30 minutes ride to Penang from KL. it took us 4 hours before we reached Hong Kong Island. my dad and i hardly sleep on the plane and we ate our last nasi lemak before we reached Hong Kong. at 10, we reached Hong Kong safely. while waiting for our tour guide, we walked around the Hong Kong International Airport. it has two terminal where underground train was used to board passengers from one point to another!
Tsim Sha Tsui
Panda Hotel
Hong Kong really make used of it public transport efficiently. we went into 7 Eleven and Guardian pharmacy which is called mannings in HK. after our tour guide arrived, we headed to the shuttle bus exit and went to checked in at our hotel-Panda Hotel which is at New Territory area. we went passed HK Island, Lantau Island and Kowloon before reached our hotel. there is not so many cars on the road and it is quite surprising as it is Sunday! most of the citizens prefer public transport as i could see a lot of double decker bus, bus, cabs and MTR. the best thing about Hong Kong is that it prohibited smoking in public places and there are certain places where smoking is permitted. the best choice of holiday destinations for those who want to quit smoking! in addition, it doesn't provide plastic bags at all on any days and you have to pay HK$0.5 for each plastic bags. we went shopping for water& Lays potato chip at Panda Place Shopping Mall before taking the hotel's shuttle bus to Tsim Sha Tsui. it looks a lot like Bukit Bintang as it is the shopping heaven for branded goods like Channel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Hermes etc. we walked around the area until we reached the harbour and saw the building such as Nina Tower and the clock tower. it's already dark at 6.45pm! there are also a lot of museums there in Tsim Sha Tsui such as HK Museum of History , HK Science Museum and HK Space Museum.we bought Chicken beriyani as our dinner at Ziafat, an arabic restaurant before headed back to our hotel by shuttle bus at 9.45pm.

Breakfast-Egg McMuffins at LCCT & Nasi Lemak on AirAsia
Lunch-Maggie in Cup-Curry flavour.
Dinner-Chicken Beriyani at Ziafat

HK Islamic Centre

on second day, we joined the tour around Hong Kong. we went to the Harbour, Repulse Bay, TSL Jewellery Shop and Chinese herbs' shop at Sunshine Plaza before headed to Victoria Peak and Madame Tussaud from Tsim Sha Tsui MTR station on our own. it was such an exciting experience to actually having to figure out on our own than depending on the tour! if you are looking for adventure, never rely on tour to give you that! it's much easier and cheaper to explore on your own. it just takes more times and not-afraid-to-ask attitude to fully understand the place. furthermore, time is gold to them as punctuality is vital for public transport :P

Breakfast-Biscuits and white coffee
Lunch&Dinner-Chicken Beriyani+Mandi rice at Ziafat
On bus tour-Mamee Monster snacks

Hong Kong City at Night from Victoria Peak
on the third day, the temperature drops to 17 degree celcius! the air is windy and cold when we set to Tai Wo Hau station besides our hotel. then we change station at Lai King. we changed train again at Sunny Bay before reached Disneyland Resort at 7.45am. it was going back to your childhood time when you step into the resort as they played instrumental pieces of Disney's movie! we walked around the resort before purchasing our ticket at 9.45am. i got mad by the mascot's appearance and run in the park, most of the time! Disneyland really brings out the kid in me. we played almost all the ride in Disneyland and i really enjoyed the 3D Musical Theater. besides that the only roller coaster ride there, Space Mountain is an adrenaline rush ride as we cannot see where are we headed and the worst part is, i'm sitting in front seats with Adik! buzz lightyear from Toy Story ride, Astro Blaster is a favourite for gamers who like handheld game and i got Hong Kong Disneyland T-shirt!
Sleeping Beauty Castle 
we stayed at Disneyland until closing time and got a chance to watched fireworks and parade!

Breakfast-Koko Krunch
Dinner-Maggie in Cup-Chicken Flavour

on the last day in Hong Kong, we took the shuttle bus from the hotel. we departed at 10.50 am and arrived safely at 14.30pm. we ate Sate Kajang Haji Samuri at R&R Dengkil. it feels so good to be back home! Hong Kong is better in terms of public transport and environment awareness but Malaysia is my home

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