Wednesday, February 29, 2012

29 Feb 2012

hi! how are you?
it's leap year,guys!!!
one extra days in 4 years~

we got our Final exams result on 22nd and it's a bit disappointing for me to see one subject, i thought i could excel got a C similar to one subject i thought i might failed -.-''

no matter, the past is past now...i should count my blessing as i did not failed, so, Alhamdulillah :)

credit to 9gag 
looking forward to next week! it's the start of my third semester, second year as a law student...
wish us luck! trust me, we need it~


Wednesday, February 15, 2012


credits to JinnyboyTV
i guess that's how sarcasm started ;p hahaha ;D

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Overrated Day

hi! how are you?
today is feb 14th also known as Valentine's Day.
based on history, it is a marked of the death of St Valentine however after several centuries, it's been known as a celebration of love.

love. specifically to couples-man and woman. what is love? everyone has his/her own definition of love. even my definition of love varies from time to time ;p

i guess V-day is too overrated as I walked across the mall or shop lots,  the prices of flowers especially red roses is higher on V-day, so was other things that deemed 'romantic' like a box of chocolate, teddy bears etc.

the celebration of V-day to Muslims in Malaysia had its ups and downs. one time it is said to be OK next time it's NO-NO. (i told ya, this day is being overrated, even politician wants to talk about it!)

for me basically, we need to know what's right and what's wrong. we are expose to too many negativity that we hardly see the good in it. some celebrate V-day for the fun of giving, sharing and spreading the love like a gift to the unfortunate for example and others view it as a reason to contribute to amount of baby dumping at the end of the year. don't be a fool or slave to love! it is an emotion which you can control. be in control. abstinence!

i'm neither in nor against the celebration of V-day. as for me, V-day is just an excuse capitalist made to gain profits. imagine how much money the florists, restaurants, confectioners, traders made on that day itself when the price is higher than the usual. then again if there is no V-day, perhaps people will not have reasons to buy flowers at all, isn't it? V-day served as an escapism for the couple if they ever missed out each other's special day like birthday or anniversary.

let me asked you, if you truly love someone, you wouldn't need a reason to celebrate your love, do you? 

one more thing, it's okay to celebrate V-day as long as you know your limit. moderation is the best way of life so don't overspent your hard earned cash on V-day itself, use your creativity.
  • write a poem. it seems more sincere that way than words on the card which all you need to do is signed at the bottom
  • make an effort to remember your anniversary&birthdays. marked it on the calendar. 
  • surprise your spouse. not only on the V-day but on other ordinary day as well. i'm sure they will be thrilled and loves you more.
  • sharing is caring. share something valuables to you like a good books or your childhood teddy bear to others.
  • make everyday a celebration of  love and you no longer need a reason to celebrate V-day in the future.
p/s:there's no restriction for you to only be romantic on V-day to your loves one, you can show your love to them at any given time of the days for the rest of your life ;D 


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sorry, I'm Late

hi! how are you?
how many times we come across the people saying sorry for being late either for meeting, work, gathering, date or class? and how many times of a year do we actually say those words when we are late? plenty of time i must say because tardiness is part of our way of life. then to make it more juicy, we made up excuses or reasons why we are late-traffic jam being the no.1 reason why we are late!

there are specifically 4 reasons for impunctuality:-

false sense of superiority when we no longer feel ashamed or guilty for being late taking over somebody else's time waiting for us. take the high ranking people for example; be it in a company or politician. the event won't start until they come and usually, it is not awhile, boy, do they made us waiting! well, waiting for few minutes is fine but hours is just too much, don't you think? have respect for other people's time in order to make people respect yours! the same principle applies to friends and family gathering also. 

Lack of planning
time planning seems like an alien. well, we can plan our money, time etc. why is it any differ with planning to avoid tardiness? for example you have a high school gathering this weekend at a hotel. plan which route will you take? what time should you leave the house? what is the alternative if you cannot drive straight away to the hotel? PLAN,PLAN,PLAN! it really helps!

We take on TOO MUCH
there's a saying "it is better to make 10 promises and keep 9, than to make 100 promises and keep 8" how did that happen? usually when we having problem of saying NO when someone asked us to do a favour. learned to say No sometimes to things you know you cannot do or do not have time to do when someone asked for your help. it's hard but you not only helping yourself but the person as well. remember one thing, you can't pleased everybody, you might as well just try to please yourself :p 

Most people are not punctual
when asking people about time on their watch, they will give different time-be it late 5 minutes or early 10 minutes...the answers will be vary as there is no precise watch available in the world to tell us exactly what time is it. that's lead to impunctuality in ourselves especially those who bemoan tardiness. bad drivers are the first to say they drive well. it goods for the confidence though but don't overdo it or you might harm other road users and yourself. 

so there you have it! the four reasons for impunctuality. why should we bother to change as most people are impunctual by nature! tardiness is an attitude. it can be change. the advantages of being punctual are:-

  • you get more out of each day
  • less stressed;planning your route to avoid traffic jams at peak hours
  • accomplish most of what you set out to do
  • indicator of a successful people and a developed nation ie Japan
  • gain self-respect and respect from the others
so, let's be the start and try to be punctual. wish sayonara to statement "Sorry, I'm Late" out of your mind :D


Monday, February 6, 2012

2 Best Friends, 1 Birthday

hi! how are you?
today is 6th February 2012. 
it's by two dearest friends of mine birthday-Norliza Sharmin binti Zakaria and Zulaikha Kamarudeen :)

i met liza in 2002 and we become best friends until we lost contact in 2007. it is sad as she is the reason my passion for writing started. we often sent letters to each other, updating our life as we grow up. she helped me through high schools crisis and dilemma. the only picture i had of her is our class picture.

i just wish we can meet up someday, Allah know when but when we do, i'll make sure i never forgets to reply her letter ever again :'(

another good friend of mine is ika. we meet during asasi. to tell the truth, we actually met before that, my mom&sister recognize her at the petronas station when we had breakfast on the way to Uitm Kuantan. i didn't look at her as i thought "no way she's going to be my friend as looking at her girly-type appearance" it turns out, she becomes my roomates for 3 semester and eventually we become best friend :)

it's actually fun being friend with ika as she is the most honest person i ever known and she taught me to be frank about how i feel too! i'm more straight forward now because of her :D but most importantly, she had your back whenever you need her like the time in Kuantan. oh, memories~ and one more thing, always expect the unexpected from her!

anyway, have a merry happy birthday to two people who close to my heart and have a blast! thank you for not walking out of my life when i needed you.
Happy 21st Birthday Ika&Liza!!!
p/s: wishing you a speedy recovery, ika

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Irritating Seh!

hi! how are you?
looking at the title, we can tell it's Singlish(singapore english)
so, in this post, let's talk about my 5-days IMPROMPTU trip to Johore&Singapore
why impromptu trip? well, you see i decided to tag along with my mom and sis at 1am on the day trip itself, so that's makes it impromptu trip to me! hahahaha ;D

we started our journey at 8am and arrived in Pasir Gudang at 12pm. we had lunch before accompanied my mom to her meeting there. imagine having waiting through a meeting which we thought would not take more than 4 hours but it did! but, who's complaining when we got to our Mak Teh's house in Gelang Patah, we got Ikan Cencaru for early dinner at 5pm! yes, it's an early dinner, indeed and i did not eat anything until the next morning even though we went out to Jusco Bukit Indah at 8pm and supper at 12am!

the next day, Mak Teh cooked us Asam Pedas Ayam! it tasted marvellous even though i never eat asam pedas ayam before :p hahaha....when the night falls, we went to Jusco Bukit Indah again to meet Ibu who just got there from Singapore. we had dinner at Jusco, another dinner at Hutan Bandar Restaurant (a little bit disappointed because Mama, abang Boboy, Nana, Kakak Adik and I had to sit separately from the others as we cannot negotiate to get the table from a group of guys) Irritating seh! after dinner, we decided to follow Ibu go back to Singapore, so we seek money exchange and surprisingly, i feel like a pauper after converting RM150, i only manage to got back S$ 61.70. it's not even half of my money o.0 when we got into singapore, Abang Boboy brought us to Al-Azhar Restaurant and mama ate this:-

on saturday, abang boboy took us to his workplace-Singapore Civil Defence. there we got a chance to be fire fighter and met his friends *wink wink*

at 12pm, we headed to Pasar Geylang Serai and had our lunch. later, we went to Vivo Shopping Mall which looks much like Queensbay in Penang :) we even relaxed on top of the mall overlooked Sentosa Island. abang boboy's girlfriend join us afterwards and we continue our journey to Masjid Sultan to buy souvenirs and we ate durians! at night, we watched a football match between Terengganu and Lions. being Malaysian, my sister and I can't helped it but to screamed GOAL when Terengganu scored one goal. imagine having seeing a match in Singapore and screaming for kiasu~

on sunday, my mom, adik, nana and i went to USS! we had roti canai for breakfast and i chatted with a Chinese couple at the table (before they headed home, leaving the table to us) and my mom got praise for looking younger than her age, again! after breakfast, we took SMRT at Chinese Garden station headed towards USS :)

when we got there, the disneyland symptoms strikes me again! i was so excited! we plan our journey where we did not take so much picture at New York nor Hollywood but we headed straight to the ride. Ride first, picture later :P haha..our first ride of the day is Steven Spielberg's Lights Camera Action followed by Transformer's 3D Ride( which is the MOST AWESOME RIDE i ever been to) and Battlestar Galactica (a roller-coaster) where we become Cylon (legs hanging in the air) before transformed into Human(seated). after that, Mummy Revenge! i feel so dizzy after the ride @.@  3 roller-coasters at one time! Have mercy la...

we cooled down by riding Treasure Hunter, so much so like Genting Highland's Antique Car ride. next, we played Canopy Flyer (hanging again but with much slower speed). in short, we managed to played all ride but two-Jurassic Park Rapid Adventure(because we refused to get wet) and Water World( we missed the showtime) we even witness a parade but nothing beats Disneyland!

oh ya! i been targeted for water 2 times that day, one by Marty during the Madagascar-A Crate Adventure and another one by penguins above during the parade >;)

we went back home to KL on mama's birthday :) we had so much fun but not as much as i had in Disneyland Hong Kong.



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