Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Reviewing 2013

-final exam 4th semester BLS
-received news that Mierah is getting married!
-Adik accompanied me to meet Ifkar,Mus&Farid

-internship at Shah Alam High Court
-a poodle-like cat which look like Jack Jack appeared
-I failed my Land 2
-Skype with Quiah

-Abang Ajis married to Kak Una
-5th semester of BLS
-first time going to KL using public transport with Hanim&Dinda
-went to the old Istana Negara family
-first time to KWC
-roadtrip to Dungun,Terengganu (Mierah's wedding!!!)
-second driver to Fanie's baby V. Thanks for the opportunity~
-Skype with Quiah

-Abah went to Dubai
-Trip to Taman Negara Pahang
-Skype with Shahira
-Mid Sem Break
-Drive to KLCC and Pavilion with Sarah&Dal
-Sleepover at Fanie's house in Kuantan

-Abah is home :)
-Fanie got Cleorain
-Fanie got elected as ALSA UiTM Treasurer
-I got Tabby!
-Went to Sunway Pyramid with Dinda,Hanim, Yana and Wani
-Skype with Quiah
-Fanie&Fana's birthday surprise from monkeys at Bukit Cherakah

-weekend at Johore with Mama&Abah
-meet Ian and Mel, Afy's cats
-FYP sleepovers
-FYP submission... Yeay!!!!
-Study week

-Finals for 5th Semester BLS
-Bowling with housemates after the last paper
-try out Yukata
-Intersession with Bfirst,Nabila and Emmy
-Ramadhan at hostel (it's been awhile)
-Breaking fast with Naquiah&the gang-Shahira, Sarah and Dal
-Sleepover at UM

-Raya at Shah Alam for two consecutive years
-Skype with Quiah
-Went to Jue's and Yana's Open House
-random trip to KLIA with Fanie, Bfirst and Nabila
-Land 2 finals for second time

-got raya card from Aiman Azlan :) ngee~
-6th and Insya-Allah final semester for BLS
-makan2, shopping with the girls
-went to Kursus Pra-Perkahwinan with Ira, Dinda, Hanim, Yana and As

-dinner at Bara with Kak Shahida, Kak Yan, Kak Lin and Fanie
-photobooth sessions with family at Car of The Year event at MATRADE
-I got new pair of sport shoes!
-Mid Sem Break
-lunchdate with Ika at PJ
-mini reunion with housemates at Thai Asam Fish (first timer)

-Dinda's birthday celebration
-watch SAF Netball match #GoTeamFuu
-Bitstrip phenomena started
-watch Wani performed as Suraya Tukiman in Delivery untuk Ana-the best theatre comedy I ever seen!
-ice-skating with Abah and Adik
-went to Dik Nur graduation day and meet Afizah, Najibah and Nasa
-movie night with Yana and Halijah (Hunger Games 2)
-Last KI *dancing*

-first time joining zumba
-skype meeting with EMC2 peeps
-movie date with Quiah
-VIP guests at Mountain Dew event at Time Square with Mama& Fanie
-Study Week
-Hanim's twice birthday surprise celebration
-Start of Final Examination

Thank you 2013 for the lessons, experience and memories ♥

Hello 2014 :)


Saturday, June 1, 2013

Surprise, Surprise!

hi! how are you?

on the 30th May, yana and i sort of plan a 'surprise' birthday party celebration for fanie, fana &nabila
it failed :(

yes, i'm that terrible party planner -.-''
fanie and fana caught me buying drinks and ice for the 'surprise' party
and one more thing, i never drive to Bukit Cherakah before, so i asked Fanie to show me the way.. pfffttt...

~so much for the birthday surprise celebration~

however, things change when we got there. we have two unexpected surprises!

the first surprise is when we missed the pitstop at Taman Cendawan (where we agree to meet Yana, Hanim&Nabila) while riding the trem and decided to stop at Taman Haiwan which is almost/ more than 1 km away from Taman Cendawan! *sigh*

what do we do? we walk...yes, with the Shah Alam's hot temperature, we walk to Taman Cendawan while carrying the drinks and ice =.='' and yana keep calling me asking 'where we are' since it took us forever to get there...
since all three of us, Fanie, Fana and I are hungry, we walked at a slow pace. Zureen walking slow? well, i have to wait for the twins, didn't i? i slow down plus i'm carrying the heavy bag filled with drinks and ice.

upon reaching there, I asked Fanie and Fana to be blindfolded even though they already know about the surprise :P i held their hands and lead the way into Taman Cendawan before they got POWDER ATTACK and we sang them a 'Happy Birthday' song.

we listen to Yana, Hanim and Nabila's story about the monkeys attacking them twice while they were trying to set up the party before we get there. it was thrilling!

so, are you ready for the second surprise? aye aye captain! 

the monkey came. one monkey..RELAX...two monkey..three monkey...baby monkey...mummy monkey...teenage monkey...a gang of monkeys...time to FREAK OUT! we keep guards and confront the monkeys. we throw water, ice, and yes, Yana's tripod was broken as she used it to hit the ground to scare the monkey while trying to protect the cake.  Fanie couldn't move and laugh to the whole scene -.-''

i chase out the monkey like a cat. how? i bend my knees, look as if i'm going to attack them, make fierce face and said NO!  guess what? IT WORKS! the monkeys keep their distance and they remind me of Simba, the ungrateful&uninvited cat at my home.

after everything is packed, we walk fast to the wakaf in front of Taman Cendawan. while waiting for the trem, the monkeys came attacking us at the Wakaf! IT WAS SCARY and if the trem did not come in time, i'm sure we will run saving our lives from the monkeys~ lucky us!

Alhamdulillah, we are safe and luckily nobody got hurt except for Yana's tripod :( we headed back to Shah Alam and continue celebrating (or the correct term would be eating) the picnic foods at Yana's crib while watching movies.

the monkeys remind me of my experience in Bukit Cherakah 11 years ago when i participate in English Camp together with Syazana. monkey attack as well. i will tell the story later, if i still remember :p

upon reaching home, while whatsapp-ing with Fanie, we agree on one thing about the monkeys-they must be hungry or else they wouldn't come to us. poor monkey :( but that doesn't mean they can simply attack us like that...it was adrenaline rush experience, trying to get away from monkeys... i do hope the authority at Bukit Cherakah stop cutting too many trees or the animals will turn into cannibals. (exaggerating~)

so, it turned out to be  a SURPRISE party after all...by the monkeys....
love, Zureen, Yana, Hanim 
& the monkeys :p hahahaha


Tuesday, May 28, 2013


hi! how are you?
it's my friend's birthday today!


he is the loud person with a big heart 
one of a kind 
a good friend
he is one of the guy whom i can trust and be honest to
and his mom cooks great green curry chicken :d

have a great birthday, pejal :)
May Allah bless you and your family always.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

For the AWESOME Woman in the Family

Mama, Mak, Emak, Ibu, Umi, Mummy, Mom, Mother, Amma, Ahm, Maman, Ma, Okaasan, Omoni etc.
it doesn't matter what you call her. she is the person:-
who brought you into existence,
who cares for you day and night,
who believe in you,
who fights for you,
who raise you to become a good, well-mannered person,
who says "You are beautiful/handsome" and it instantly make you feel good,
who kiss you and all your pain seems to go away,
who offers her arm to hug you on a cold night or when the thunder strikes,
who put you to bed with warm blanket to make sure you don't feel cold at night and get nightmares,
who listens to all your qualms and complains about the world or people around you,
who loves you since the day you were born until eternity.
she is a mother-a person who never stops loving and forgiving her children regardless of what the children do to her. sometimes we forgot how much a person meant to us until he/she is gone. so, i want to take this opportunity to say 'I love you, Mama' to my mom, Noormala Othman.
i may forget to call you sometimes in a day,
i may forget to tell you how much you meant to me,
sometimes i get too stubborn and don't want to listen to you,
i may have disappointed you in the past and maybe in the future.
I am sorry :(
but one thing for sure, no one can be my Mama except you.
i remember when you patiently attends to my needs when i was little,
i remember when you work hard day and night to give the best for Adik and I,
i remember when you fight for me,
i remember when you suggest me to took up law instead of engineering after my SPM result is out,
i remember you lift my spirits up whenever i'm down and
i remember your words of advice when i am misbehaved.
i am thankful to have you as my Mama
i am your proud but jealous daughter when people compliment your youthful looks

Happy Mama's Day

 p/s: Happy Mother's Day to all mothers in this world. you guys are AWESOME and will always be the Queen of your children's heart

Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Story of Fourth Semester

hi! how are you?

i noticed that there is no story about my fourth semester at all in this blog.
impossible! no story at all?
relax....there is story..a lot actually but i just don't have the time or restrained from writing about it throughout the semester.
no specific reason, really except the guilt to blog when you should be studying :p

so, now that the final is over and got 11 days holiday before internship program starts, let me tell you the story of my fourth semester :)

moot as a pair with fanie where everybody else is doing it in a group of 4! how awesome is that and at the same time stressful until my floor literally cracked :p (inside jokes with fanie)
luckily we can choose only two ground. unfortunately we got the wrong issue for the last ground..hopefully the marks is okay for both of us :| miss ummi, please be nice~ and yes, my mid sem was filled with preparing appellant's bundle of authorities T.T no holiday~

Legal Research aka LRM
for LRM, i thought it is an individual works but it turn out to be a group work. so, at first, madam sheila put us in a group of 3 then she assign us to make a group of 4. the final group member-Hanim, Fanie, Wani&I :) although we got our topic straight away but we do have disagreements here and there like other groups. hopefully next semester we will be more mature in dealings with problems that comes. we still best friends though :) don't worry...whatever happens in the LRM, stays in the LRM...and the book "Family Law, Sex and Society" is the longest book i ever borrowed :D

so, this is basically our elective class. rather unusual to diverge from law to economics(in part 3) and now to health care law. i can't wait to see what i will choose next semester :P hahaha...so, we organized the trip to HKL. fanie is the project manager and i'm the treasurer. so, now you know why i cannot update my blog?
no matter, the trip was a success! we got to visit psychiatric and pediatric ward. only the madman can recognize the beauty of a person (another inside jokes)

Other stuffs

  • the start of semester kicked off with "Sambutan Hari Raya" for the whole UiTM. in short it means-FREE FOODS! i went there with Fanie&Hanim. there we met Yana, Wani, Dora and Jue. 
  •  the pressure starts to filled in even it is the first week especially when i'm late to the first lecture which is Land Law 2 @.@
  • went to Yana's open house. first to arrived and last to leave (that's us!) 
  • ika, fanie, hanim& wani sleepover at my house at the same time! 
  • wani&dora enters mock trial the musical and #MissInterpreter aka Wani is an overnight sensation! 
  • i didn't get into college though so...hitch hiker it is~
  • play and try new sports with hanim-cyclinng, squash, tennis and badminton :)
  • went BBQ with group c's classmates at Jannah's house. 
  • hanim officially become the Mediator to fanie&i everytime we argue =.=''
  • ika become the frequent visitor to my house and sleepover here ^_^ hooray!
  • i found my study buddy-it's Yana :) scribble2 on the wall (inside jokes, again)
  • went steamboat with Kuantan housemates after AoT paper. i'm driving! ngee~
  • actively tweeting. i love twitter than fb, now :p
  • paan&hannah won the lawyers vs mooters event! woot3~
  • went to Dahlia, Amirul Fareez and Amir Zaheen's graduation...so proud of them :') congratulations!
  • so many eat out at different venue especially when if it is with Yana :D
  • try out the famous burger bakar abang burn :d
  • watch late night movie with Yana, Wani&Fanie-Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2
  • karaoke time with Yana, Hanim& Fanie
  • discover the rooftop at AL building while searching for Madam Rohani's room
  • i took a picture with group B and C~ i was invited btw by group B to joined them :p but i only joined them for official photo. 
  • first time entering PTAR 1~
  • most frequent visit to PTAR 2 this semester, which is a good thing :)
  • i got intern at Shah Alam High Court. together with Lyn, Akmal, Ila, Kapten, Lin, Liana Azmi, Aizat&Farah.
okay, so that's basically what i remember of the fourth semester. it is the most challenging semester, yet. the pressure is felt even at the start of semester. how cruel is that? if i am to treat the fourth semester with roller coaster ride, it will be at the part when the roller coaster is slowly turning 360 degrees and rapidly came down. the feelings is like that when the semester ends. while waiting for everything to be over, it's torture but once it is over, you don't feel a thing~ 

Hopefully everything went well for everyone this semester. Happy holiday everyone and have fun doing your internship program-be it in court, IPK, Pejabat Tanah, firms and other places :)


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Page 1 of 2013 Book

hi! how are you?
i know it's been awhile since i last update anything on this blog..
so sorry...been busy for the whole semester..

well, this is an impromptu work of mine...so sorry it's not as pretty as it should be...the reason is because:-
1) i used gel pen...(i swore i'll never draw using the pen ever again!)
2) i didn't colour my character (making it dull)


so, Happy New Year 2013 everybody  :D
may this year brings the best out of all of us...
take care and goodbye


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