Sunday, June 26, 2011

100th Post for Nazmi

hi! how are you?
today is one of my favourite guy friend's birthday!
i totally forgot about it until i check the date today :P
sorry, nazmi....

anyway, i get to know nazmi the first day of high school years
we were in the same group during orientation week!
we become best friends in form 2 when we were classmates and usually walked home together after school as our house is nearby~oh memories :P
and one more thing, he is the longest guy i like especially when we join the trip to cameron highland together but we decided to remained friends.

so i would like to take this opportunity to wish nazmi:-
All the best in your life and Happy 20th Birthday!
may all your wishes come true :)


Saturday, June 25, 2011


hi! how are you?
today, is one of my housemate's birthday and she is
Aiza Fazlina Anuar :D

she is the one who always ahead of time when it comes to social networking.
when all of us still struggling understanding Facebook, she would be actively on Twitter :p

she also one of my friend who eats a lot but hardly gain weight

she taught me to be frank and not afraid to stand up for myself. thanks aiza.
and she called me Rain :P hahaha..which is unusual nickname for me!

so, i want to wish Aiza a very happy birthday and may all your dreams and goals come true, no matter how hard they are :)


Friday, June 17, 2011

First Man I Love

hi! how are you?
i'm going to blog about special man in my life.
ladies and gentleman,
meet my dad.

he is a very strict man especially when it comes to education. boy, does he goes easy on us? NO WAY! 
i'm sure he only wants the best for both my sister and i. we don't understand it then but now we do.
he taught us to always have back-up plans. he taught us about security.
besides that, he likes to challenge us into doing things we don't want to do(but we end up doing it anyway!)
like what he did yesterday to me, he asked me to ride a motorcycle. i never ride a motorbike and never intended to ride it on my own as i almost fall when riding it at the age of 10. after few attempts, i manage to ride motorbike smoothly and i feel pretty proud of myself :P hahaha ;D 

i learned a lot from my dad. from his childhood's stories  to the way he controls his cool and care for family :)
i love him and he will always be the first man i love ;D
happy father's day and i love you, Abah!


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Goodbye is Hard

hi! how are you?
last wednesday i went to Penang with my family as my uncle passed away. Al-Fatihah to Pak Njang.

i remember when i used to come to jelutong and he would be cracking jokes with his nieces and nephews as he doesn't have children. anyway, people come and go but the memories stay as long as you want it.

anyway, when i went to penang, the best thing it can offer is the FOOD!

this is what i call the REAL nasi kandar, folks!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Reading is Sexy

read a good book because it will brings you wonder, open your mind, ventures your imaginations and makes you think about life in a slightly different way :)
if the book didn't changed anything about you, then it's not a good book :P

currently reading-If You Think You Can


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