Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Shortest Month of the Year

hi! how are you?
it's march fast the time flies :P
anyway, it's been awhile since i last updated my blog and i thought i can go home and get plenty of rest every wrong i've been! i did go back home to do my laundry and then go back to campus :P

february has been a roller-coaster ride to me as i play tennis double with fanie :)
try to donate blood for the first time but failed as my blood is lack of iron :'( grrrrrr.......
participate in Extreme Outdoor Quest for H Coy with zati, orked, saiful, PQ, azamin, obami, kiwi, komander atiqah& komander ain...p/s: we got second place!

test! from english, torts and constitutional law :P murder me, harry! i need to get serious now as i play a lot in shah alam compare when i'm in kuantan!

birthday celebration! happy 20th birthday to my dearest friend- Ika and Norliza Sharmin (6/2), ira and tiem (22/2), A.D (23/2) and ras (27/2)


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