Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Never Say Never

hi! how are you?
if you think this entry about the movie, you are correct (since when i worked as the film critic?)
no matter, there's no harm for me doing it even for FREE :p
anyway, this movie is a MUST WATCH even for JB-haters

why should i waste my money watching a 16 year-old kid movie?

well, it's a glimpse of what a real 3D movie should look like as most of the 3D movie i went to cannot beat the quality of JB's movie. you won't feel dizzy after watching i watched the movie at pavillion, kl, if any other ciniema's cause you headaches after watching this movie, i'm sorry

next it is the best concert movie i've watched. it can stand side to side with MJ's This is It movie as it is entertaining and you feel like you are one of the crowd there.

JB's fan does not come from little kids and teenagers alone as when i watched the movie last week, i'm the youngest person in the cinema hall-there's a family, an adult couple and a chinese guy. NO KIDS at all when i watched the movie(which is surprising!)

the movie is truly inspriring as it taught us to never stop achieving our dream even if there's a lot of obstacles. i know it's a basic lessons in life but how many movie actually make us see that when you believe, you can succeed provided that you WORK HARD towards it.

i remember one quote from the movie when JB was disappointed as he has to cancelled one of his concert before the real concert at Madison Square Garden and like any other teenagers who want a normal life and his vocal teacher told him that,

"you give up normal to come to this point. this is your new normal. are you in it?"

i feel like screaming!!!! it makes me think for a moment, if a sixteen years old kid can live up his dreams? why can't i? i will be facing my final examination soon and i pray for the best.
all the best everybody and NEVER SAY NEVER


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  1. "Many of life's failures are people who
    did not realize how close they were
    to success when they gave up."
    - Thomas Edison



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