Thursday, August 4, 2011

Happy Ramadhan

Assalammualaikum.hi! how are you?
for the past 3 days of ramadhan i'm working on translating a HSE handbook.
for those who don't know what HSE means please put your hands up..because i never knew about it either at first.. HSE is a short form for Health, Safety and Environment :)
so my job as the translator pretty much translating the words from English to Bahasa Malaysia...

it might seems like an easy job at first
but it's not as i have to come across technical words like scaffolding, piling, hot works and staying green&alive at home(which is one of the most difficult one to translate!)
anyway, i got help from which provide a translation from english-BM mostly direct translation but at least i got the term right! hahaha ;D

i also want to thank my Encik Pelanduk(my English-Malay dictionary) a birthday gift from my Mak

lastly i want to thank Nasa for accompanying me throughout the night, finishing the book.
we do chat a lot of stuffs last night :D

so now, i can concentrate on the real meaning of Ramadhan for the next 26 days


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