Saturday, October 22, 2011


hi! how are you?

this week has been hectic for me as i got into MOOT COMPETITION but too bad we have to pull off from the competition as we are lack of team members and time :'(
it's sad though but since we got 3 tests next week, it's okay to sacrifice moot competition this time around..maybe there's good thing behind it..who knows, right?

i would like to thank my moot teammates, chi, biela, MB and Helmi for giving me opportunity to be in the group (even for awhile :p ) next is my beloved housemates, hanim, fanie, ika, a.d, yana, nabila, wanie for bear with me for the whole week~  lastly, my drama teams, sya, bfirst, api, ima&yusz for brainstorming the script for our final play :)


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