Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Process of Learning

hi! how are you?
yesterday i had a major breakdown where i had a BAD day. so what? everybody had it once in awhile.
it all started when i got my first test result, i guess i'm the lowest mark as the highest person got to called upon last. no matter, the feelings got better during contract class, thanks to Madam Sheela for making me laugh, even a little. at 4pm, i had French class where we have Final Quiz. it was difficult than i expected that's what you get when you take french for granted(serve you right!) the worst is about to come as i had dinner and drop by at Speedy, i saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 already released and there is a gift box set!I WANT IT! but too bad the price is unreasonable RM 120 for a DVD+gift so, i have to K-I-V it first :'(
after arriving home, i had a long shower and think about my day. YES, it is frustrating to be the lowest in the class on the non-core subject and not be able to get HP gift box but i'm not going to let those stopping me from achieving my goals. 4 more weeks before FINAL. Wakey2....




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