Thursday, January 26, 2012

21 Tomorrow :P

an early birthday shout-out to my best friend 
nur liyana zainal karib :)

i get too excited when doing this image gif from GifPal and decided to put it on my blog straight away! hahaha...well, actually i might not be able to go online for next few days, so here you go, yana....your early birthday gift~

first thing that people will notice about yana would be her height! she's the tallest girl...opppsss...woman among all. 

forgets what people said about yana...what do i think of her? 

yana...first time i saw her was in 2009, when she was lost with mira at second room in our house at Uitm Kuantan. she wore white baju kurung if i'm not mistaken. later, we became roommates. for me, yana is an independent woman. she doesn't rely on other people, most of the time she gets all the things done by herself. she likes pink and she's a creative person. i still remember she decorate her black backpack with gold marker pen and it looks beautiful! she likes to tease(a lot!) and dares me to try something new which sometimes exciting and sometimes embarrassing~ i learn a lot actually from yana-from improvising, storage, business to law. she's sweet as she looks and i'm glad i know her and become one of her best friend :') thank you yana, for just being there for me and i love you. 
You are the best!
happy 21st birthday, may all your wishes come true and may Allah bless you and your family always :)


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