Monday, September 3, 2012

First Wedding :)

how are you?

so september kicked off with my long-time-no-news-best friend, saidah's wedding.

the wedding took placed on 1st September 2012. the akad nikah ceremony is at 9am (which i might not be able to attend as 1) i live in shah alam and the event is in KL and 2) i just got back from my hometown in Penang at 4.30am.

first, let me tell you a story of our one-day road trip to penang.. it's 31st August and it's always been a DOUBLE celebration to my family because it is my one and only sister's birthday! woot3! so this year, we go extra miles to celebrate her birthday-that's right, we go to Penang after so many daydreaming and endless hopes, we made it :) like what my dad says "mai Penang, mai makan" which is what we did, literally. eat,eat and eat :D besides that, we visited Mak (my sis&i babysitter) and our aunty, Cik Nah. it was AWESOME! plus, when fatini&aliaa came visiting at Mak's house, we did have a lot of fun like what we used to do. fyi, i'm the eldest among them :p teehee~

the next day, my family dropped me at Saidah's house for kenduri. there i met a lot of SABians. still remember their names though (okay, i admit after haven't seen some of them for so many years, it's kinda blur to recognizes them at first instance but at least i still got their name right and some little details about them ) le proud! hahahaha :D some i only been friend with them for short times which includes the bride, Saidah whom only be my classmate in form 2 and so was Ruwaida(the korean/japanese/chinese-looking girl) who was my classmate in form 3. i have to agree with the quote " a true friend is someone who come into your life and never leaves your side" which applied to these two people :) so, high school is not that bad for me. i met these two wonderful best friend and even after lost contact for 3 years with saidah and 2 years with yda, there's no awkwardness when we met and hang out... besides the two of them, of course i met azrin(whom i thought was a true sabians but didn't realized she move to MRSM during form 4), so was most of the other guests- aisyah wahid, maryam, yda, alia. ifkar couldn't make it to saidah's wedding as he had to prepare for final exams...huhu~ good luck ikka-chan! i met kak hanim, saidah's second sis :D
we eat, laugh, catch up stories, etc until 3pm.

later,mus, yda, azrin, farid, my sis and i then went out to Wangsa Walk (it's my first time) and we karaoke together( also first time with SAB friends). it was hilarious! cannot stop laughing when we sang our hearts out to Adele's set fire to the rain, We are young and Sesuci Lebaran. yes, ladies and gentlemen, we sang a raya song :p

oh yes, before i forget; to Irfan&Saidah, hope your wedding last forever till Jannah&you guys look cute together :) Irfan, take care of my best friend, she's a great woman and for Saidah, be a good wife :D CONGRATULATIONS again! 

the weekend has been great and just hope i can fixed my sleeping pattern before the start of new semester next week @.@
p/s: still haven't decide on the elective subject -.-''

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