Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Story of Fourth Semester

hi! how are you?

i noticed that there is no story about my fourth semester at all in this blog.
impossible! no story at all?
relax....there is story..a lot actually but i just don't have the time or restrained from writing about it throughout the semester.
no specific reason, really except the guilt to blog when you should be studying :p

so, now that the final is over and got 11 days holiday before internship program starts, let me tell you the story of my fourth semester :)

moot as a pair with fanie where everybody else is doing it in a group of 4! how awesome is that and at the same time stressful until my floor literally cracked :p (inside jokes with fanie)
luckily we can choose only two ground. unfortunately we got the wrong issue for the last ground..hopefully the marks is okay for both of us :| miss ummi, please be nice~ and yes, my mid sem was filled with preparing appellant's bundle of authorities T.T no holiday~

Legal Research aka LRM
for LRM, i thought it is an individual works but it turn out to be a group work. so, at first, madam sheila put us in a group of 3 then she assign us to make a group of 4. the final group member-Hanim, Fanie, Wani&I :) although we got our topic straight away but we do have disagreements here and there like other groups. hopefully next semester we will be more mature in dealings with problems that comes. we still best friends though :) don't worry...whatever happens in the LRM, stays in the LRM...and the book "Family Law, Sex and Society" is the longest book i ever borrowed :D

so, this is basically our elective class. rather unusual to diverge from law to economics(in part 3) and now to health care law. i can't wait to see what i will choose next semester :P, we organized the trip to HKL. fanie is the project manager and i'm the treasurer. so, now you know why i cannot update my blog?
no matter, the trip was a success! we got to visit psychiatric and pediatric ward. only the madman can recognize the beauty of a person (another inside jokes)

Other stuffs

  • the start of semester kicked off with "Sambutan Hari Raya" for the whole UiTM. in short it means-FREE FOODS! i went there with Fanie&Hanim. there we met Yana, Wani, Dora and Jue. 
  •  the pressure starts to filled in even it is the first week especially when i'm late to the first lecture which is Land Law 2 @.@
  • went to Yana's open house. first to arrived and last to leave (that's us!) 
  • ika, fanie, hanim& wani sleepover at my house at the same time! 
  • wani&dora enters mock trial the musical and #MissInterpreter aka Wani is an overnight sensation! 
  • i didn't get into college though so...hitch hiker it is~
  • play and try new sports with hanim-cyclinng, squash, tennis and badminton :)
  • went BBQ with group c's classmates at Jannah's house. 
  • hanim officially become the Mediator to fanie&i everytime we argue =.=''
  • ika become the frequent visitor to my house and sleepover here ^_^ hooray!
  • i found my study buddy-it's Yana :) scribble2 on the wall (inside jokes, again)
  • went steamboat with Kuantan housemates after AoT paper. i'm driving! ngee~
  • actively tweeting. i love twitter than fb, now :p
  • paan&hannah won the lawyers vs mooters event! woot3~
  • went to Dahlia, Amirul Fareez and Amir Zaheen's proud of them :') congratulations!
  • so many eat out at different venue especially when if it is with Yana :D
  • try out the famous burger bakar abang burn :d
  • watch late night movie with Yana, Wani&Fanie-Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2
  • karaoke time with Yana, Hanim& Fanie
  • discover the rooftop at AL building while searching for Madam Rohani's room
  • i took a picture with group B and C~ i was invited btw by group B to joined them :p but i only joined them for official photo. 
  • first time entering PTAR 1~
  • most frequent visit to PTAR 2 this semester, which is a good thing :)
  • i got intern at Shah Alam High Court. together with Lyn, Akmal, Ila, Kapten, Lin, Liana Azmi, Aizat&Farah.
okay, so that's basically what i remember of the fourth semester. it is the most challenging semester, yet. the pressure is felt even at the start of semester. how cruel is that? if i am to treat the fourth semester with roller coaster ride, it will be at the part when the roller coaster is slowly turning 360 degrees and rapidly came down. the feelings is like that when the semester ends. while waiting for everything to be over, it's torture but once it is over, you don't feel a thing~ 

Hopefully everything went well for everyone this semester. Happy holiday everyone and have fun doing your internship program-be it in court, IPK, Pejabat Tanah, firms and other places :)


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