Saturday, June 1, 2013

Surprise, Surprise!

hi! how are you?

on the 30th May, yana and i sort of plan a 'surprise' birthday party celebration for fanie, fana &nabila
it failed :(

yes, i'm that terrible party planner -.-''
fanie and fana caught me buying drinks and ice for the 'surprise' party
and one more thing, i never drive to Bukit Cherakah before, so i asked Fanie to show me the way.. pfffttt...

~so much for the birthday surprise celebration~

however, things change when we got there. we have two unexpected surprises!

the first surprise is when we missed the pitstop at Taman Cendawan (where we agree to meet Yana, Hanim&Nabila) while riding the trem and decided to stop at Taman Haiwan which is almost/ more than 1 km away from Taman Cendawan! *sigh*

what do we do? we walk...yes, with the Shah Alam's hot temperature, we walk to Taman Cendawan while carrying the drinks and ice =.='' and yana keep calling me asking 'where we are' since it took us forever to get there...
since all three of us, Fanie, Fana and I are hungry, we walked at a slow pace. Zureen walking slow? well, i have to wait for the twins, didn't i? i slow down plus i'm carrying the heavy bag filled with drinks and ice.

upon reaching there, I asked Fanie and Fana to be blindfolded even though they already know about the surprise :P i held their hands and lead the way into Taman Cendawan before they got POWDER ATTACK and we sang them a 'Happy Birthday' song.

we listen to Yana, Hanim and Nabila's story about the monkeys attacking them twice while they were trying to set up the party before we get there. it was thrilling!

so, are you ready for the second surprise? aye aye captain! 

the monkey came. one monkey..RELAX...two monkey..three monkey...mummy monkey...teenage monkey...a gang of monkeys...time to FREAK OUT! we keep guards and confront the monkeys. we throw water, ice, and yes, Yana's tripod was broken as she used it to hit the ground to scare the monkey while trying to protect the cake.  Fanie couldn't move and laugh to the whole scene -.-''

i chase out the monkey like a cat. how? i bend my knees, look as if i'm going to attack them, make fierce face and said NO!  guess what? IT WORKS! the monkeys keep their distance and they remind me of Simba, the ungrateful&uninvited cat at my home.

after everything is packed, we walk fast to the wakaf in front of Taman Cendawan. while waiting for the trem, the monkeys came attacking us at the Wakaf! IT WAS SCARY and if the trem did not come in time, i'm sure we will run saving our lives from the monkeys~ lucky us!

Alhamdulillah, we are safe and luckily nobody got hurt except for Yana's tripod :( we headed back to Shah Alam and continue celebrating (or the correct term would be eating) the picnic foods at Yana's crib while watching movies.

the monkeys remind me of my experience in Bukit Cherakah 11 years ago when i participate in English Camp together with Syazana. monkey attack as well. i will tell the story later, if i still remember :p

upon reaching home, while whatsapp-ing with Fanie, we agree on one thing about the monkeys-they must be hungry or else they wouldn't come to us. poor monkey :( but that doesn't mean they can simply attack us like was adrenaline rush experience, trying to get away from monkeys... i do hope the authority at Bukit Cherakah stop cutting too many trees or the animals will turn into cannibals. (exaggerating~)

so, it turned out to be  a SURPRISE party after the monkeys....
love, Zureen, Yana, Hanim 
& the monkeys :p hahahaha


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