Saturday, December 5, 2009

We Walk

how are you?
it's been long time since i last updated my blog..thanks to nabilah lutfi who reminded me to update it...hehehe....
so, this is it...
i've been walking a lot this weekend despite the fact that it's raining!
Monday: gone out with Ika,Hanim,Dinda and A.D
Tuesday: dating with Ika, Nasa and Dora
Wednesday: accompanied Hanim to town+watched New Moon with Yana and Mira
Thursday: ate at the stall with Ira,Wanie, Dora, Dinda and Hanim+Played in the rain with Dinda and Hanim
Friday: morning walk with Dora,Dinda,Hanim and Mira+accompanied Yana shopping at Megamall and ECM
Saturday: lunch with Rara and Rabieka at Sushi King
Sunday: might be going to PC Fair with Yana,Ika,Mira.



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