Friday, November 20, 2009

Reminisce Old Memories

today i hang out with my primary school's friends
and my secondary school's friends. 
i went to SK Desa Pandan and SMK Aminuddin Baki before furthering my studies in UiTM Kuantan.
just want you to know the chronology!hehehe...

at first i wanted to meet saidah for the last time before she flies to Egypt to further her studies but since i haven't meet Dahlia, Adlin, Junie, Farid and Ridzuan for a long time,so why not we held a mini gathering at KLCC?
besides they know Saidah and it was a simple celebration just to makes Saidah feels special before she leaves Malaysia this Sunday.

the plan was SUCCESS!

i enjoyed meeting my friends and we had fun even though we were just catching up stories and sharing experiences in university.
thanks for coming,guys :)

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