Thursday, December 23, 2010

From Danok to Penang with Love

hi! how are you?

on the 10th of December, my dad along with my sister and i went to Danok, Thailand. we walked to Danok from Bukit Kayu Hitam, Kedah. the reason: DORAEMON. my sis is the HUGE fan of doraemon, if you've been to my house, you'll agree with me :P so, we went to Danok as her PMR gift and she loves it! as for abah and i, we just there to ensure she is not being wasteful. surprisingly, the time zone in Danok is 1 hour late from Malaysia, when we hit dinner at 7.45pm, it's really 6.45pm there(talking about early dinner). we stayed at the hotel and watched Thai's TV show before went to bed...

the next day, we went back to Penang and my sister and I stayed there for a week! no laptop, no internet a true holiday! on the 15th, the degree result is out! i asked lyn to check it out for me..Alhamdulillah i got to pursue my studies in law :) i spent time with small kids and really enjoyed every moment of it at my Mak's house.  i guess i'm still good with children because i thought after 8 years away from penang,i'm losing my touch but seems to me i still have it! hahaha :D i even managed to get a silent boy to speak...that's a proud moment for me...

p/s: happy birthday hanim :)


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