Sunday, December 26, 2010

Last Post as a Pre-Law student

hi! how are you?
as usual, this is my post about my 3-months semester break :)
  1. i managed to read 12 BOOKS in 3 months :)
  2. i went to holiday-HK, Thailand, Penang (twice!),Johore and Terengganu.
  3. break-up and moving on
  4. having a lot of family fun time :)))
  5. cooks and experiment with pasta
  6. held karaoke session at my house,attended by Yana,Ika, A.D and Dora
  7. drives and park the car faster
  8. got lost in Klang with Yana
  9. went ice-skating with LAW C members-Lily, Liyana and Faezza
  10. sleepover at Mirah's house with Fanie
  11. went to Petrosains with Shahira, Mior, Fazren Ikmal and Ridzuan
  12. meet SKBB's friends like Yasir, Rukhsana, Syakirah, Nehlah,Laily, Tengku Nazrin, Mellissa etc.
  13. stay cool and positive, most of the times
  14. be a pretty good host to my house's frequent guest-Yana
  15. play basketball, badminton and gossiping with Lyn
  16. walk the talk
  17. dance to Super Junior's songs!
  18. 'date' with Naquiah
  19. took up chi's 30-days challenge but it got deleted(accidentally)on the next day :'(
  20. fixed my laptop and get a new printer
  21. write a play and a story
  22. forgive and forgets
  23. hone up my photography skills
  24. started a Tumblr account
  25. watched a lot of movies
  26. went offline for two weeks
  27. trying to be more girlish!
  28. enjoy
  29. becoming more independant and mature :p
  30. people-watching
 that should be it, i guess! have a great year ahead :)

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