Thursday, May 26, 2011

Water for Elephants

hi! how are you?
i was watching WATER FOR ELEPHANT when i wrote my post today.
once, i always wanted to watch circus since i was a kid especially the Royal London Circus. now, there's not much circus being held and I thank God for that, as it deprived the animal rights.

in the movie which sets in 1930 era, rob pattinson's character named Jacob was the care-taker of Rosie(the elephant) and he secretly in love with Marlena Rosenbluth(reese witherspoon) who was the circus performer but she was married to the circus owner,August (christoph waltz).jacob who was veterinary student landed on the Benzini brothers' circus train after his parents died.

since Rosie is the new animal to the circus replacing Marlena's horse which died from sickness. she was trained forcefully and with no mercy by August which brought tears to my eyes. i couldn't imagine how much the price of violence against circus animal for such entertainment :'(

animals are no differ from human when it comes to emotional aspect.
they can feel fear, anger and love alike. therefore, we should treat animals with care because it is our responsibility :)


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