Saturday, September 17, 2011

Just Smile because the Pain will Eventually Go Away

hi! how are you?
as for me, not so good as the week started with a bleeding toenail :(
how on Earth did i get that?
one of the sliding door on my wardrobes slipped and fell on my poor feet. that's how severe it is as the sliding door is heavy(as claimed by my dad)
eventually i had to remove the nail..fret not as i've been given anesthetic and my toe was bandaged for the whole week until today.

now, my toe is bandage-free as the bleeding had stopped.
I just had to make sure NOBODY step on it or it will take longer time to heal...
i can tell that people around me are worried about my toe and i'm touched with their moral support. i know i will be walking around with naked toenail for quite some times now so i just have to be strong and faced it. now i'm glad i didn't take sports as my co-curricular activities :p

first week in second semester was fun as i was given responsibility to drive to class! YAHOO! first week of class is fun and let's hope the feeling is mutual throughout the semester :)
one more thing, i love scaring people with my broken toe's story, it gives me something to laugh about whenever i see their scared faces :p and i'm happy because it shows that they care :)


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