Monday, March 26, 2012

I'm Sorry, Toe :'(

hi! how are you?

on 11th Sept 2011, my whole semester changed when i got toe injury and Pusat Kesihatan (PK) UiTM seemed like my my second house in my second semester as law student.luckily i'm under Student Health's Scheme so it's FOC. Alhamdulillah :)

it took me 4 months to grow my toenails back and i thought i will never bear with this ever again as it is tedious. how wrong i've been!

this semester, i got blister on that toenails which later turn blue and started to hurt @.@ i went to PK again, and the doctor advice me to pull my newly recovery toenails, AGAIN! after thinking about the consequences, i proceed with the second-time toenail's removal. IT'S PAINFUL! worst than the first time around and i was crying with pain in front of hanim :''|

i might be a fool to go through the whole process all over again but it's the price i have to pay for being plain careless and really...REALLY need to take care of feet with EXTRA CARE. twice is enough~ i don't think i can bear the pain for the third time @.@

i considered myself lucky. i'm surrounded with positive peoples-my family and my friends. i love you guys!!! you guys really bring out the best in me...whether i like it or not :p hahaha~

now, my toe is still bandaged and i still trying my luck to get into college~
quoting Nick Vujicic " i'm living life and i'm happy" my reason for being happy? simple! i still had my toe, it's just the nail went missing and that's something that i should be thankful for.
i never realised it is important until it's in pain. i promise i'll take care of you properly this time around, toe :')

p/s: the second-year as law student has been good so far and let's hope it stays like that for the rest of semester :) Amin

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