Saturday, March 3, 2012

Never Loose an Opportunity to be FABULOUS!

hi! how are you?
no matter how many times i look, i still confuse on how to spell FABULOUS#random intro

no matter, next week, i'll be continuing the journey as a second-year students in BLS. despite the fact that holiday is over, let's recap what happened during my semester break :)

the best thing about this semester break is because this little kid is around
look how small she is when she was 6 and now she's taller than me -.-''

being cranky sister, i couldn't help it but to bothers or annoyed her a lot..and i do mean A LOT :P 

we went to Universal Studio Singapore,

to A'Famosa Resort and played the highest and longest slide in Malaysia(the slide that we can oversee when we drive through the highway)

we also went to the new library in Shah Alam

and Abah bought me new watch!

i made Mama this card for her birthday, 30th Jan

what else?
oh ya the
all Harry Potter movies
LOTR triology
all Star Wars movies
and most of the movies in my hard disk

i also had a chance to meet NAQUIAH, TWICE! 

Meet Dahlia aka Dal, Naquiah&I
Meet Ifkar, Quiah, Farid, Nazmi, ME(what's with the face?) and Mus 
oh ya, i cried when my phone hanged on the day the exam result was out and i got that fixed last week and now my phone is reborn :D so, next time, extra careful with the way you treated your phone and i'm not replacing her with anything :p 
last Tuesday i went to Uitm with Lyn, settling matters for next semester and eat the best Ayam Penyet in town! on the 29th Feb, abah, adik and i went to UKK to strengthen my college application. now, just wait and see how it goes on the 12th~

i managed to read 6 books for this semester break :)

now, let's get ready for the coming 3rd semester! WOOHOO!
all the best :)
p/s: Abah's birthday on 16th March and still got nothing :|


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