Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Before the Break Story

hi! how are you?
so this blogpost is about last week story where we finally had our first housemate trip to PD!
Alhamdulillah everything went well...we went there with two cars-Yana&Wanie...thank you very much! without you guys, there will probably be no trip <3
on 18th May, all 12 of us (Yana, Wanie, Ika, Hanim, Fanie, Mira, Ira, Jue, Dora, Ras, Aiza&I) left for Glory Beach Resort, PD! of course there is some detours here and there(yana's house>ika's house>R&R Seremban) but we still managed to arrive at glory at 2pm.
in the evening, we headed to the beach and ride banana boat. at first, i'm a bit skeptical about riding it because of my toe injury but since i'm already here, at the beach...i might as well just ride it :p fanie, hanim and aiza stay on the speed boat while the rest of us rode the banana. on the way back to the beach from the middle of the sea, fanie took over the handle and she brought us back to was a real adrenaline rush!
after the ride with the boat driver, Fanie ;D
at night, it's barbecue time! with chef yana, ika, ira and hanim ;d the food is delicious. proof?  i ate 5 pieces of chicken ;D OM NOM NOM~

the next day, yana, hanim, dora and i went for swimming at the pool :D main air puas-puas >;D at 9.30am, dora and i together with mira and fanie went for breakfast at the coffee house. then, we see Mr Crush, the turtle and Mad Hare, the rabbit ;D

after check out at 1pm, we headed to Malacca for lunch and sight-seeing at A'Famosa. we actually walked and climbed there regardless of the hotness of Malacca on that day. my face are even burnt because of Malacca (and i thought my face will get burnt at PD instead of Malacca :p) 

all 12 of us :)
yana kindly send mira back to puncak perdana, ras to puncak alam, and fanie,hanim&i to my house before headed home and meeting her dad who recently undergoes major surgery. Get well soon, Uncle. we pray for your health...

next story....Dinner and Etiquette aka DnE (credit to Hanim for making up this acronym)
every third semester students must attend one formal dinner as part of our Kemahiran Insaniah...and by formal, i do mean level of seriousness: infinity...we are not allowed to chit chat too much, using our forks, spoons and knife with proper manner (preferably without sound), food to mouth and not mouth to food and no picture @.@ but we did well, fortunately ;D kudos to the food servers, they are incredibly professional and efficient. our DnE took place at Shah Alam Convention Centre (SACC) and we all wore black and white on that night.

we ate:
  • wild mushroom soup with bread and butter for starter meal
  • beef steak, mashed potato and veggies for main course 
  • Crème brûlée  and coffee for dessert :d
the week been great and we had administrative law test before the break...

let's pray Allah grant us strength to endure weeks ahead until 10th July 2012 ends. All the best!!!




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