Wednesday, January 13, 2010

First Time Around

how are you?
on 11th January i got my MUET results.
let's hear the story behind it...
i called my best friend, Sarah as it's midnight and it's her 19th birthday.
the first person to scream (and i mean literally) is Wanie! she got Band 4.
then all of us grabbed our phone and type MUET IC no. and send to 36363...
that night was not as dull as the night before!
i waited for my result until 2am. i admit that i am nervous because as i listen to songs on my phone, my heart was thumping hard. i woke up after Dora came into the room and told us about her result. i checked my phone and saw the message from MUET (fyi i saved the number under MUET)
the result: Band 4
Alhamdulillah...i am happy as now my focus would be on my pointer in order to continue Bachelor in Legal Studies at UiTM Shah Alam :) Insya-Allah...
to all my friends: well done and good luck for your second time MUET!

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