Friday, January 22, 2010

White Rose v Strawberry Keychain

how are you?

last Thursday i went back to my hometown with Yana, Fanie and Ayie. before the bus departs, i received white rose from my forgiveness seekers. i was so touched as i never received any roses before. thanks cypher :)

on Saturday, i hang out at Times Square with Mira, Yana, Fanie, Ayie, Alif, Anis and Strawberry Keychain aka Maggie before Maggie and i decided to hang out together as the last time we see each other was on the SPM 2008 results day. i miss walking home with you :') as there's always something to talk about.

both of them portray the same traits and i just realized it with the help from Mira, my first friend who sleepover at my house :)

like what i told Yana that night:

strawberry keychain is a history
white rose is the present
Who is the future?
Wallahualam...I leave it all in Allah's hand.




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