Friday, July 8, 2011

Post-Birthday Wish

(this text was taken from my tumblr account)

i would like to thank firstly to Allah for allow me to live in this world for the past 20 years. next, i would like to thank my parents for brought me into this world and i love you guys so much! unlike any other teenagers, i rarely got into fight with any of you and i'm thankful for that. i know i'm blessed with people around me who love me for who i am even at time i can be quite IRRITATING!

i hide my birthday on facebook for the first 12 hours and i'm glad that some of my friends still remember my birthday even if it is confusing, sometimes(as they claimed) REALLY REALLY APPRECIATE IT :) afterwards, when i show my birthday again on the event, my wall had been bombarded with a total of 189 birthday wishes. 
special thank you for my sister (for calling from her hostel, twice!) ,mak(who take care of me since i was little, for remembering my birthday for all these years even after i left penang in 2001) my best friends-quiah(who willing to call all the way from Brisbane, Australia), yana zainal(who drive from her brother's house to mine, just to make me feel happy with the Happy Birthday balloon), dinda( who willing to stay up till midnight just to wish me a happy birthday), ika(who take her time off work for awhile to call me), my mentee-emyra(for the voice sms i got with her voice singing happy birthday) and so was the rest of them:amir zaheen,teacher lyn,usher,teacher rosni,nasa,dal,ayu,sarah,julia,aiza,lyn, iffah, ad,wanie,sob,nabilla,eman,fanie,dzul,asmah,rosuhaiza,yana anuar,zul hazmi,amru,hanim,kak dat,fatini,azzah,nabilah. 

iloveyou guys and thank you for making my birthday yet another memorable ones :)


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