Tuesday, July 5, 2011

SMGM 2011

hi! how are you?
i just got back from UiTM on Sunday, after participating in Seminar Memperkasakan Generasi Muda(SMGM) 2011. this programme aimed to inspire and give exposure to Form 5 and 6 students from Pekan, Pahang and Sembrong, Johore of the University's life.

almost 200 mentors were involved in this programme including Yana Zainal and I :) we packed our things and went to UiTM on June 28th as we are unaware of the change of date for mentor's registration :P
the next day, we went for briefing at Dewan Makan Mawar(DMM) with the MPP and later at night with the organiser. our seminar took place until 30th.

on the 1st July, we got our mentee :) the first person that came to me is Azzah, followed by Ayu, Ira, Zi Ying and lastly, Nabilah. we settled into 3 rooms on the 9th floor before going to DSB at night to hear talk from the organiser

the next day, we had separate programme. the mentees with their workshop and the mentor with career talk. now i know how to tackle interview and to write proper resume :) at night, the mentors have BBQ and we had a GREAT time together.

on the last day of SMGM is one of the memorable day as we morning walk to DSB from Mawar :P talking about burning calories! upon arriving at DSB, we had rehearsal and sang Faizal Tahir's Gemuruh. after lunch, Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussien arrived and he said that we are the LOUDEST crowd he had ever heard cheering upon his arrival :D

this programme is a voluntary programme so tick off one point from my TO-DO holiday's list :) i've volunteered! hahaha....anyway, this programme had taught me a lot than it pissed me off. so, i should be thankful for been given this opportunity to run this programme as a mentor. i even meet new friends from other faculty. they are shikin, lyana (electrical engineering), asmah (accountancy), faa, nisa and kak pija (medicine), kak wideeya (law) and many more.

in conclusion, this programme had serve its' theme, "Antara kita terpisah tiada" and i wish there is more time to be spent with my mentee to really connect with them :) I regret NOTHING!anyway, you can see the picture on my FB under album SMGM 2011.


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