Friday, July 22, 2011

We Grow Up with Harry Potter

hi! how are you?
on 14th July marked the end of Harry Potter legacy.
i watched it first with my family on 16th July which is also my parent's 23rd anniversary.

later, on 20th July, i watched it again with my best friends, Sarah, and Shahira. Intan join us later during lunch time. we also met Amirfiq. watching Harry Potter grows from the first movie till the last one, makes me feel nostalgic about how i started befriended with my best friend. i was 11 when i moved to KL and started school at SK Desa Pandan which is the best school i ever attend to :D

the Harry Potter journey has ended but the life for most of us goes on. thanks JK Rowling and Harry Potter for the magical childhood and you will be missed :')


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