Saturday, February 4, 2012

Irritating Seh!

hi! how are you?
looking at the title, we can tell it's Singlish(singapore english)
so, in this post, let's talk about my 5-days IMPROMPTU trip to Johore&Singapore
why impromptu trip? well, you see i decided to tag along with my mom and sis at 1am on the day trip itself, so that's makes it impromptu trip to me! hahahaha ;D

we started our journey at 8am and arrived in Pasir Gudang at 12pm. we had lunch before accompanied my mom to her meeting there. imagine having waiting through a meeting which we thought would not take more than 4 hours but it did! but, who's complaining when we got to our Mak Teh's house in Gelang Patah, we got Ikan Cencaru for early dinner at 5pm! yes, it's an early dinner, indeed and i did not eat anything until the next morning even though we went out to Jusco Bukit Indah at 8pm and supper at 12am!

the next day, Mak Teh cooked us Asam Pedas Ayam! it tasted marvellous even though i never eat asam pedas ayam before :p hahaha....when the night falls, we went to Jusco Bukit Indah again to meet Ibu who just got there from Singapore. we had dinner at Jusco, another dinner at Hutan Bandar Restaurant (a little bit disappointed because Mama, abang Boboy, Nana, Kakak Adik and I had to sit separately from the others as we cannot negotiate to get the table from a group of guys) Irritating seh! after dinner, we decided to follow Ibu go back to Singapore, so we seek money exchange and surprisingly, i feel like a pauper after converting RM150, i only manage to got back S$ 61.70. it's not even half of my money o.0 when we got into singapore, Abang Boboy brought us to Al-Azhar Restaurant and mama ate this:-

on saturday, abang boboy took us to his workplace-Singapore Civil Defence. there we got a chance to be fire fighter and met his friends *wink wink*

at 12pm, we headed to Pasar Geylang Serai and had our lunch. later, we went to Vivo Shopping Mall which looks much like Queensbay in Penang :) we even relaxed on top of the mall overlooked Sentosa Island. abang boboy's girlfriend join us afterwards and we continue our journey to Masjid Sultan to buy souvenirs and we ate durians! at night, we watched a football match between Terengganu and Lions. being Malaysian, my sister and I can't helped it but to screamed GOAL when Terengganu scored one goal. imagine having seeing a match in Singapore and screaming for kiasu~

on sunday, my mom, adik, nana and i went to USS! we had roti canai for breakfast and i chatted with a Chinese couple at the table (before they headed home, leaving the table to us) and my mom got praise for looking younger than her age, again! after breakfast, we took SMRT at Chinese Garden station headed towards USS :)

when we got there, the disneyland symptoms strikes me again! i was so excited! we plan our journey where we did not take so much picture at New York nor Hollywood but we headed straight to the ride. Ride first, picture later :P haha..our first ride of the day is Steven Spielberg's Lights Camera Action followed by Transformer's 3D Ride( which is the MOST AWESOME RIDE i ever been to) and Battlestar Galactica (a roller-coaster) where we become Cylon (legs hanging in the air) before transformed into Human(seated). after that, Mummy Revenge! i feel so dizzy after the ride @.@  3 roller-coasters at one time! Have mercy la...

we cooled down by riding Treasure Hunter, so much so like Genting Highland's Antique Car ride. next, we played Canopy Flyer (hanging again but with much slower speed). in short, we managed to played all ride but two-Jurassic Park Rapid Adventure(because we refused to get wet) and Water World( we missed the showtime) we even witness a parade but nothing beats Disneyland!

oh ya! i been targeted for water 2 times that day, one by Marty during the Madagascar-A Crate Adventure and another one by penguins above during the parade >;)

we went back home to KL on mama's birthday :) we had so much fun but not as much as i had in Disneyland Hong Kong.


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