Monday, February 6, 2012

2 Best Friends, 1 Birthday

hi! how are you?
today is 6th February 2012. 
it's by two dearest friends of mine birthday-Norliza Sharmin binti Zakaria and Zulaikha Kamarudeen :)

i met liza in 2002 and we become best friends until we lost contact in 2007. it is sad as she is the reason my passion for writing started. we often sent letters to each other, updating our life as we grow up. she helped me through high schools crisis and dilemma. the only picture i had of her is our class picture.

i just wish we can meet up someday, Allah know when but when we do, i'll make sure i never forgets to reply her letter ever again :'(

another good friend of mine is ika. we meet during asasi. to tell the truth, we actually met before that, my mom&sister recognize her at the petronas station when we had breakfast on the way to Uitm Kuantan. i didn't look at her as i thought "no way she's going to be my friend as looking at her girly-type appearance" it turns out, she becomes my roomates for 3 semester and eventually we become best friend :)

it's actually fun being friend with ika as she is the most honest person i ever known and she taught me to be frank about how i feel too! i'm more straight forward now because of her :D but most importantly, she had your back whenever you need her like the time in Kuantan. oh, memories~ and one more thing, always expect the unexpected from her!

anyway, have a merry happy birthday to two people who close to my heart and have a blast! thank you for not walking out of my life when i needed you.
Happy 21st Birthday Ika&Liza!!!
p/s: wishing you a speedy recovery, ika

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