Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Overrated Day

hi! how are you?
today is feb 14th also known as Valentine's Day.
based on history, it is a marked of the death of St Valentine however after several centuries, it's been known as a celebration of love.

love. specifically to couples-man and woman. what is love? everyone has his/her own definition of love. even my definition of love varies from time to time ;p

i guess V-day is too overrated as I walked across the mall or shop lots,  the prices of flowers especially red roses is higher on V-day, so was other things that deemed 'romantic' like a box of chocolate, teddy bears etc.

the celebration of V-day to Muslims in Malaysia had its ups and downs. one time it is said to be OK next time it's NO-NO. (i told ya, this day is being overrated, even politician wants to talk about it!)

for me basically, we need to know what's right and what's wrong. we are expose to too many negativity that we hardly see the good in it. some celebrate V-day for the fun of giving, sharing and spreading the love like a gift to the unfortunate for example and others view it as a reason to contribute to amount of baby dumping at the end of the year. don't be a fool or slave to love! it is an emotion which you can control. be in control. abstinence!

i'm neither in nor against the celebration of V-day. as for me, V-day is just an excuse capitalist made to gain profits. imagine how much money the florists, restaurants, confectioners, traders made on that day itself when the price is higher than the usual. then again if there is no V-day, perhaps people will not have reasons to buy flowers at all, isn't it? V-day served as an escapism for the couple if they ever missed out each other's special day like birthday or anniversary.

let me asked you, if you truly love someone, you wouldn't need a reason to celebrate your love, do you? 

one more thing, it's okay to celebrate V-day as long as you know your limit. moderation is the best way of life so don't overspent your hard earned cash on V-day itself, use your creativity.
  • write a poem. it seems more sincere that way than words on the card which all you need to do is signed at the bottom
  • make an effort to remember your anniversary&birthdays. marked it on the calendar. 
  • surprise your spouse. not only on the V-day but on other ordinary day as well. i'm sure they will be thrilled and loves you more.
  • sharing is caring. share something valuables to you like a good books or your childhood teddy bear to others.
  • make everyday a celebration of  love and you no longer need a reason to celebrate V-day in the future.
p/s:there's no restriction for you to only be romantic on V-day to your loves one, you can show your love to them at any given time of the days for the rest of your life ;D 




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