Monday, October 26, 2009

Family or Friends for Weekend?

i got BOTH for last weekend :)

on Saturday, i got a chance to meet my old buddy-Sarah Ailis Ahmad Rashdi at her house in Ampang. we spent hours talking and sharing stories. we haven't met for 5 months to be exact. so many stories to catch up with and we had a great time especially when Nasa called. lol

my phone battery alert-1 bar left!

in the evening,i went to Aiza's house and meet my housemates-Ika,Dora,Ras,Julia and Aiza(of course!) Ika dropped me at Subang Parade and i asked mama to fetch me from there. the moment i stepped into Subang Parade,mama called but i couldn't answer the phone-thanks to the dead battery. i went to the public phone and called mama. the voice-mail answered my call instead of mama. I'm dead-meat. with the financial crisis I'm facing, i ran to my cousin who works at Elianto. luckily she was there. Kak Yong lend me her phone to call mama and we reached home at 7.15pm and Abah is not mad at me. Alhamdulillah.... and thanks a lot Kak Yong.

on Sunday, Abah gave me a chance to choose for a family day-trip holiday in Malaysia. I've listed down which places in KL, Selangor, Pahang, Malacca, Johore, Negeri Sembilan and Perak that we never been to yesterday. on Sunday morning, abah shortlisted two places for us to go (as he will be driving us there) it's between
a) Fraser's Hill in Pahang
b) Melawati Hill in Selangor

i choose....Fraser's Hill in Pahang. after having breakfast, we headed to Fraser's Hill. it took us two and a half hours to reached there. we went jungle tracking at Hemmant Trail. it took us about 20 minutes to finished the trail. then, it started raining. we ran searching for shelter where we end up going back into Hemmant Trail. we had our lunch there. we leave Fraser's Hill at 4 pm and arrived home at 8 pm as we went to Carrefour Subang Jaya and had dinner. 


  1. pehh..bestnya bercuti!
    nk pegi jgk..
    btw,kau gune tlalu byk tnda seru.
    agk plik ble bce..

  2. ye la...baru perasan...thanks mira :)

  3. wawawa... best nyer!!!
    nak ikot jugak.....



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