Saturday, October 10, 2009

10kg for First Semester

once i used to be paranoid of the scaling machine but not anymore!!!!!!!!!!
hahahaha...(laugh with pride)

before i enter UiTM Pahang, Kuantan Campus. my BMI(body mass index) indicated that i'm overweight...OVERWEIGHT??? get real, Zureen!

i got to do something, i told myself. i can't be overweight (well not now at least)maybe after i got married or pregnant i might be overweight but that's a different story...


1. walk
i enjoy walking but i also enjoy walking fast. choose walk instead of taking the wheels whenever possible.
2. eat in a small portion
share your meal with your friends.
3. laugh
i don't know how this technique usually works but it sure chase the stress away!
4. eat breakfast
the most important meal of the day!
5. play
exercise, jogging, etc. to make sure your body moves and sweat!

well,now i'm in my ideal BMI and i'm only need to maintain it.
my mom used to tell me that,
"as long as your weight is an ideal weight, you are healty and that's more important than being thin and suffers."

remember to love your body as it can never be replaced :)


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