Thursday, October 15, 2009

How to Survive Blackout at 11am-4pm(Azureen's style)

yesterday, my neighbourhood experienced electricity blackout! instead of grumbling, i've decided to make a plan.

1. Open all windows and doors and switch off the plugs.
it's for air ventilation and safety :)

2. Do house chores
that's the first thing i do yesterday. i mopped the floor, clean up my bathroom, dusting and wash my cats' place.

3. Take a nap
it is the best 30-minutes nap i ever had!

4. Take a bath
helps you to cool down in a hot day!

5. Drive in the neighbourhood
i fetched my sister from school and drive in the neighbourhood before going back home.

6. Listen to MP3
take your mind off the problem.

7. Have a 'ME' time
thinking about the past, present and future life!

8. Play with cats
get busy playing with them.

so, blackout is not a big problem for me now. it keeps me technology repelled for few hours!



  1. Haha.. Pandainyer kwn aku!!,
    anyway, nice page~

  2. Okay..that are some of cool ways.
    well,i LOIKE ;)

  3. mira,nanti blackout praktikkan ye?



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