Friday, October 9, 2009

Driving a Car is a Heavy Responsibility

"Driving a car is not about getting attention from friends. Neither about style nor for fun. It is a responsibility. A big responsibility"

that quote was taken from my dad's list of advice. i totally agree with you, abah!
fyi i might seem like i paid no attention to what you've said but actually i did :P

final semester break just started. my dad's challenge (or should i say opportunity) for me is to drive my mom's Suzuki SX4 around the neighbourhood everyday!!! did i mention that i got to drive it alone? Double the Joy!!!

today i fetched my sister from school. it took me 15 minutes to drive to her school. after that, we went for lunch. despite the joy of driving alone, my parking skill is bad. it took me 10 minutes to park the car!

well, driving a car is fun but we need to stay alert at all times. i still have 5 weeks to hone up my driving skills!


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