Tuesday, May 11, 2010

3 Boys+2 Girls

hi all!
how are you?
on 11th May 2010, I went to KL on short notice from Shahira. Mior is in town and he wanted to see the coffin's exhibition at National Museum.
besides Mior and Shahira, Fazren and Ridzuan also tagged along.
at 12 pm, all five of us set our journey to National Museum. (i make it sound like we live outside KL, don't you think?) hahaha :D
Shahira and I have plenty of time to catch up stories with each other before Fazren and Mior arrived *wink*
after seeing the exhibition, we headed to Pavilion for lunch. Ridzuan had to attend his guitar class and exploration Pavilion by four-inexperienced-Pavilion's-shopper begins. later on, we decided to wind up and eat ice-cream. the story-telling begins(and so was the laughter!) we laughed so hard until our faces turn RED. Shahira even cries. I can't believe that i can laughed that hard with any other guys besides Ifkar :p

so, I want to thank you:
Shahira for inviting me
Mior for make me laugh most of the times with your goofy face
Fazren for fetching Shahira and I at Menara Polo and treating us ice-cream :d
Ridzuan for driving us to National Museum and Pavilion.

let's hope our friendship last forever!

(from left: Shahira, Fazren, Ridzuan, Mior and Azureen)



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