Wednesday, May 26, 2010


hi! how are you?
i found the title after reading my COMPLETE 2008 diary :)
well, it got me thinking (what got into me that day until i came out with this words on 27th Jan.)
i was not angry at that time just embarrassed because i do funny faces on the webcam and my mom saw it-LAME :p hahaha :D
that's me in Form 5. teenage shyness still haunting me back then.

somehow, that phrase remind me of something in life that is called PASSION.

according to Longman's Dictionary of Contemporary English (i just realised that's the full title of my dictionary), passion means:
  1. a very strong feeling of sexual love
  2. a very strong belief or feelings about something
  3. a very strong liking for something
  4. to suddenly become very angry
okay, you can ignore the first and last definition of PASSION as i'm just going to talk about the second and third definitons :P

Passion: a very strong belief or feelings and liking about something

everyone needs passion in their life; regardless of their age, race, religion and gender as PASSION is one of the ingredients for HAPPINESS :D

without passion;
  • babies will not walk, they will just lay down and cries.
  • kids will not explore the unknown to create their own adventure.
  • teenagers only study to passed the exam.
  • adults got bored with their jobs and only doing it because they need money to pay the bills.
the role of passion is crucial in our life as the saying goes, "If you do what you enjoys, you don't have to work for the rest of your life". when you feel passionate of what you are doing, you will enjoy it and put your heart into it. as a result,you will gain SATISFACTION in your life.

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