Thursday, May 13, 2010

May 13

hi all! how are you?
i saw this image from Mr Anas Zubedy's blog.
i find it cute and decided to put on my blog too! hehehe~
today is May 13.
in 1969, May 13 left dark history to our country as 196 people were killed in Kuala Lumpur.
May 13 incident caught my interests as I was not there to witnessed the riot. (Note: i was borned in 1991) even my parents are still small in 1969, my dad aged 5 and my mom was 3 years old. too bad they live outside Kuala Lumpur or they would've told me their experience!

if you wish to know about May 13 from Mr Anas Zubedy's point of view and experience, you can click [here]

let us recolor May 13 with love and understanding for one another in the spirit of 1Malaysia :)


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