Monday, May 10, 2010

Mama and Mak

hi! how are you? today i'm going to talk about two wonderful women in my life- Mama and Mak. some of you might wonder if i have two mother because Mama and Mak is just another name for Mother like Mommy, Mom, Ibu, Umi, etc.
however, my dad doesn't remarried nor does I am adopted.okay, let me explained it in simple words:-
Mama is my biological mother and Mak is my baby-sitter.
you got it? i hope so...hehehe~

anyway, today is my Mak's 61st birthday! Happy Birthday, Mak! 61 years old and still going strong. I love you, Mak :)

on the second week of May, mothers around the world will be honored and celebrated by their children. i too, celebrate mother's day every year. this time around, i made Mama a special video presentation about our family. She loves it and that's all that matter :)

to Mama and Mak, I just want to say I love you. No words could ever describe how lucky I am to be taken care and raised by two mothers.
to all mothers out there, Happy Mother's Day!


  1. tu ah. aku update status fb tulis ma & mak, semua like like. mesti semua ingat aku ada mak tiri HAHA



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